Double hung or double-sash windows have two sashes that fit into a single frame, and they’re the most popular type of window in residential homes. They work by sliding up the bottom sash into the top sash to open and then sliding down the window sash to close. See if they’re the right choice for you.

Versatile and Simple

Double-hung windows are found in every type of home because they’re extremely versatile. They may be strongly recommended for classic or traditional homes, but they can actually be made to fit any style.

They come in so many shapes, materials, and colors to match any decor. They’re easy to clean too because the sashes can tilt so the glass and frame can be easily reached. For a truly easy cleaning experience, there are options available where the sashes can be completely removed.

An Economic and Practical Choice

When your heating and cooling bills are through the roof, use double-hung windows to fully lock out leaks. Quadruple weatherstripping is an option on certain models for maximum energy efficiency and energy savings.

Double-hung windows are also perfect for common window accessories or appliances. Fit an air conditioner in the bottom level without compromising airflow, or install a screen for more protection. Before you choose a window style, consult with a contractor for more information and advice about what’s best for your home, style and energy needs.

The choice of windows may seem overwhelming, but homeowners can get great advice from the window specialists at United Home Experts. These design experts have years of experience here in the northeast and can quickly help a homeowner determine the exact window that complements any portion of a home and the exact window that also fits into the homeowner’s pocketbook.

The point is, a homeowner need not feel as if he or she is all alone out there in the window jungle – help is always available. For more information on windows, read our main window page!