Vinyl Shingles and Shakes: What Do They Offer a Traditional Home?

For decades there was no good alternative for homeowners who wanted a low maintenance siding for the exterior of their home with the traditional look of shingles or shakes.  Many style houses such as Cape, Split-level and even some Ranches were build with cedar shingles or larger cedar shakes.  Homeowners often determine that it would not be fitting to the style of the home to install a clapboard or lap style siding.

In recent years, the manufacturers have been able to develop alternatives that solve this problem.  Companies such asCertainteed with their Cedar Impressions line, and Nailite with their Rough Sawn Cedar and Cape Cod shingles line have bridged the gap between the traditional cedar look and the desirability of a low maintenance vinyl product.

Although it’s impossible to fully replicate authentic cedar, these products have become a reasonably attractive match.  The way manufacturers such as Certainteed and Nailite have achieved a traditional look is by using real cedar shakes and shingles to make a mold.  The vinyl or polypropylene is then pressed into the mold to create an accurate replica of the original.

Finally homeowners with cedar shingles or shakes have a nice option with both the traditional appearance they desire without the maintenance of wood siding.  Read here for more information about the products in this category we install.

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