The 7 Steps to Beautiful and Durable Exterior Siding

1. Choosing a Contractor:

  • Choose a contractor you feel comfortable with.
  • Know how and where to contact your contractor.
  • Verify that your contractor is insured; ask for a “Certificate of Insurance” showing both liability (for your property) AND worker’s compensation (for their workers)
  • Confirm the references
  • Check for home improvement or appropriate contractors license, such as Mass HIC License No. United Home Experts a division of United Painting Co. Inc.’s Massachusetts HIC License number is; 130101, RI Reg # 22948

Beware of:

  1. Someone who doesn’t use contracts or is very vague in their scope of work (time may pass from when your project is estimated and when it is actually performed. A written contract helps both the contractor and the customer get what they expect)
  2. A contractor that competes based on price alone (If these guys even show up to do the work, you may have far more problems than the cheap price is worth)

2. Removal of old siding:

  • Timely contracting for delivery of a trash hopper (dumpster)
  • Covering & protecting delicate areas around the house
  • Safely removing siding and nails
  • Disposal of old siding and other deteriorated siding components
  • General area clean-up prior to re-applying siding

3. Preparation and inspection:

  • All sheathing and flashing under the siding is inspected
  • Repairs to wooden sheathing, corner boards, fascia boards and other trim not readily visible can be made with the owner’s prior permission at additional cost
  • Full siding areas are covered with TYVEK or similar barrier sheeting
  • Open cracks around doors and windows are caulked, and flashing is replaced if needed

Beware of:

  1. Don’t try to save money by cutting out preparation. Most professionals will agree that proper prep is the single most important component in the longevity of a siding job. Conversely, improper preparation can result deterioration of siding and any subsequent paint or stain application.
  2. Poor or ineffective flashing must be replaced. Controlling water flow will add years to the life of any siding or trim installed.
  3. Old and new houses need a moisture barrier: Moisture movement through the siding must be controlled. A vapor barrier product (like Tyvek) provides a lifetime of protection and is even better than asphalt paper.

4. Siding:

  • Application of Red or White Cedar shingles or clapboards are the premium siding products offering the most value in New England today!
  • Only premium quality products are used such as CVG shingles (clear vertical grain), or CLEAR clapboards. Pre-primed siding is available at extra cost.
  • All cedar siding is attached using “ring shanked” stainless steel nails.
  • Exposure of the siding will be the same as previously siding or custom as agreed upon in advance.
  • Full runs, (long pieces of clapboards), are used as much as possible both for looks and for long life. Shingle seams are staggered again for long life and good water run-off control.

Beware of:

  1. When it comes to siding, There are MANY different grades of cedar and other woods. The lesser grades tend to be cheaper, but often times filled with knots, blemishes, or low grade finger joints. Many contractors that compete based on price alone are quoting with a LOW grade siding product. We believe that you will get what you pay for with the materials for your home and therefore we use only top quality siding products.

5. Clean-Up:

  • Performed daily and upon completion of the job
  • All supplies and refuge are removed
  • Plant beds cleaned and wood chips removed
  • Outdoor fixtures and furniture are replaced
  • Several pieces of clapboards or shingles are left for future use

side_wood_56. Inspection:

  • Before the crew leaves a job, a “walk-around” is done to ensure all contracted areas are repaired and completed properly.
  • Final points are noted on a Quality List and are promptly addressed.
  • A United Standard Inspection is performed by a Foreman or Project Leader.
  • The United Customer Comment Card is completed by the customer.

Beware of:

  1. You are missing out as a customer if you don’t get a chance to walk through the job at the time of completion. Our foreman and project managers try to estimate at what point in the day they will be finishing the work, so that our customers can have ask questions and feel comfortable with the finished project. Many customers have told us time and time again, that “It’s the little things that count.” We hear you.

7. Warrantee:

  • United offers a written 5 year limited warrantee on all siding and carpentry services.
  • We also offer a Follow-up Maintenance “check-up” Program unique to our industry

By choosing United Home Experts you are selecting the services of a professional contracting and painting company.

Over the years, many home and property owners have realized the benefits of our company and have allowed us to fill up our exterior schedule early in the spring. So please let us know as soon as possible so that we may make time to schedule your project!

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