Adam & Joanne, Ashland, MA


We are writing this letter today to recognize the great job Paul St. Martin did in working with us to approve the appearance of our home. Over the past three years, we have been searching for the right company to help us reach our home improvement goals. We had reached out to many companies and independent contractors asking for bids and estimations. Some of these never returned our calls, some came but never sent us their estimates, and many never even followed up on our initial inquiries. Those that did come were not very professional, offered incorrect advice, didn’t really seem to care about our vision, and frankly just seemed to be trying to make a quick buck. The experience was very disheartening. Except for Paul.

Let me start by acknowledging that I can be quite difficult to work with. I ask many questions, take my time in making large decisions, and enjoy getting the most for my investment. Over the past three years, I can honestly say Paul was the only salesman that returned our calls, came and gave estimates, followed up afterward, and offered truly honest advice on assessments about our home. He was the only one who seemed to care about our best interests. His honesty, caring nature, and most of all patience with us during this search are what we appreciate most about him. My wife and I are in agreement that Paul is one of the best salesmen we have dealt with over the years.

We look forward to working with your company and seeing the finished product, which has been many years in the making.

Adam & Joanne C.
 in Ashland, MA