When it comes to home construction, one of the major factors to consider is what kind of siding is used on the metalblog02-resized-600outside of the home. There are many options available on the market today, so it’s wise to look at all the advantages and disadvantages of the various types and compare them to come up with the best solution according to a particular homeowner’s needs. One of the forerunners in the siding market is aluminum siding.
This type of siding was first marketed to homeowners and to the construction world over 50 years ago. Back then, it was said to be a long-lasting, maintenance-free alternative to the main types of siding used then, which were mostly clapboard or wooden shingles. How is aluminum siding durability gauged? The major factors that set aluminum apart from its competitors are its ability to withstand the effects of all different kinds of harsh weather, its resistance to corrosion and rotting, and the fact that it is 100 percent waterproof.


In comparison to other metals, aluminum is relatively lightweight, but this does not affect its strength. When used as siding on houses, aluminum can withstand even the strongest of winds. It will not be blown off like some other types of siding – mostly notably, wood shingles. Snow and ice won’t even harm aluminum. In fact, aluminum seems to do better in colder temperatures than it does in warm climates. That’s why it is even used as siding for research and weather stations in Alaska. Likewise, the cold, snowy winters in the Northeast are no match for aluminum siding.

Also unlike wood, aluminum siding will not break off in little pieces that leave homeowners with random bare spots on their homes. Furthermore, aluminum is somewhat resistant to corrosion. When it comes in contact with water, a thin layer of oxide is developed between the surface of the metal and the water that is good at slowing any negative reaction from occurring.

Another capability of aluminum that never diminishes is its ability to repel water. The same oxidative capacity dentedaluminumsiding-resized-600that slows the metal from rusting when it comes into contact with water also sends the water running off of itself without giving it the chance to seep in through the siding and damage the inside structure of the house. Aluminum that remains undamaged will stay completely waterproof, and any home with this type of siding will also stay waterproofed, if damaged then you can expect corrosion and rust to occur.

The paint that is used on the siding to make it look a little less like metal is what may flake and chip away, but with a little effort this can be repainted and only needs to be done about every five to seven years, as long as the siding is hosed down regularly to loosen off any dirt and debris that might accumulate and contribute to the breakdown of the paint. This type of siding is a alternative to the many other types of siding available, but not highly recommended by our team because of the better options available. Homeowners considering aluminum for their homes can contact the United Home Experts to see which type of siding would be right for their homes. There are far superior siding options for homeowners and we would be glad to walk you through the best affordable options. To read more about siding, visit our main siding page!

Choosing the right siding for a home can be a daunting task.  Siding comes in many materials, colors, styles and prices.  To make the decision easier, consider a material that offers it all.  Vinyl siding is one such product.  Vinyl is the most popular siding material for either homes under construction or existing homes in need of replacement siding.  Even historic home renovators choose vinyl siding because of its design flexibility.


Alside is a leading manufacturer and retailer of vinyl siding.  This company offers perhaps the one of widest range of vinyl siding products of any company producing and selling vinyl products for home building and renovation purposes.  The company prides itself on giving the homeowner ample style options suitable for their home’s architectural design, whether it be mid-century modern, contemporary or a grand Victorian design.

The company’s almost endless array of designs include horizontal and vertical siding types, traditional clapboard in wide or narrow panels, smooth or grainy wood finishes, and a wide variety of colors suitable for the historical, traditional and contemporary home styles.

Beside the fabulous style and color selections of Alside’s siding, it is so durable that it comes with a limited lifetimeVinylAlside warranty protecting the homeowner against manufacturing defects for the life of the siding.  During the siding’s extremely long life it will remain virtually maintenance-free.  Alside vinyl siding will never need painting or staining.  The siding will not rot, peel, chip or dent.  All the siding requires to keep looking fresh and new is an occasional wash-down with an ordinary garden hose.

If the homeowner is still in a quandary over which style of vinyl siding is most appropriate for their home, the team at United Home Experts, a local home improvement company, will be able to help them out with this.  Alside vinyl siding products will be able to furnish even the most perplexed homeowner with the company’s color and style guide to help them overcome this dilemma.

One excellent choice of local contractors for homeowners residing in the New England states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island or New Hampshire is the team at United Home Experts.  Our experienced home remodeling contractors are known for our product selections and expert installation of siding.  With the sage advice from people who know the home renovation business and the style offered by Alside, New England homeowners will be able to enhance the curb appeal, durability and value of their home.

For many homeowners in the New England states, the shingles they choose for their home must help the property to fit into its natural setting.  Importantly, too, the shingles must also be strong and durable enough to withstand the harsh climate of this part of the country.  CertainTeed Cedar Impressions shingle panels happily fit both criteria. CertainTeed Corporation is a long-standing manufacturer of building materials, with a history stretching back to 1904. It offers an impressive lifetime limited warranty on all their siding products, which remains valid for as long as the homeowner owns the home and longer.

The Manufacturing ProcessCedarImpressions-resized-600

CertainTeed’s Cedar Impressions shingle panels are engineered using injection molding of durable polymer.  This produces a thick, rigid siding material.  The panels are designed to stand up to hurricane force winds, ensuring their suitability for even the harshest New England weather.

The panels are designed to fit tightly together with reinforced nail slots and molded perimeter locks, giving the finish a seamless look and holding the panels together with utmost security.

In the manufacturing process, Cedar Impressions shingle panels are given an authentic wood grain finish that is intrinsic to their natural look.  The process gives the shingles the appearance of real wood.  The staggered pattern creates a look of cedar shingles that have been hand sawn and applied one-by-one.  These shingle panels are equally attractive when applied to the entire home’s exterior or to add interest as a textural accent to any style of home.

CertainTeed Cedar Impressions shingles come in a vast array of colors, sizes and designs to fit any architectural style as well as the home’s surroundings.  Their authentic wood look, their colorations and the way they are applied all add up to a natural-looking structure that is very much an integral part of its surroundings.

Another major benefit of CertainTeed’s shingle panels is that they require virtually no maintenance.  The colors will not fade, and, as stated earlier, are engineered to stand up to a hurricane.CedarImpressions01

For homeowners in or near the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Southern New Hampshire, a good choice for their home improvement projects is United Home Experts.  The professionals at UHE understand the weather consequences of this region of the United States and can help the homeowner choose the material that is best for their particular project.

United Home Experts are also skilled home renovation contractors, so the home will not only have the curb appeal the homeowner is looking for, but will also provide the materials and application techniques to keep that exterior attractive and maintenance-free for years to come.  For a free estimate and to see real customer testimonials, click here or give us a call at 888-724-6865.

Homeowners who care about not only the exterior FCness of their home but also about how well it fits into its natural setting will appreciate the look, durability and variety of this remarkable shingle panel, manufactured only by CertainTeed.

Siding is one of the most important features of any home, especially here in the harsh climate of the Northeast, and it can be one of the most difficult decisions for a homeowner to make.  This is understandable, as siding must do many different things for a home.  It must look pleasing and fit into its surroundings.  It must be durable and able to stand up to the extremes of weather that this part of the country is so famous for, which can range from freezing cold and snow, to wind, sleet, and hail, to brutally hot summers.  Finally it must be energy efficient, and it must fit into the average homeowner’s budget.

Asking a siding to do all of these things is obviously asking a lot, but one type of siding steps up to the plate here in the Northeast and hits a home run every time: Certain Teed vinyl siding.

certainteedlogo150dpik-resized-600 (1)

Why is Certain Teed vinyl siding the best choice?

Let’s start with the alternatives.  There’s wood siding, there’s aluminum siding, there’s fiber cement siding and there’s vinyl siding.  Stone and brick are also choices, although they are generally a building choice and not a siding choice, strictly speaking. There are other siding materials, but most of the others simply cannot stand up to the harsh weather conditions the Northeast may throw at them.

Wood siding is good for some places in the country, but here in the extreme Northeast, where winters can get bitterly cold and summers scorchingly hot, wood is not a good choice.  Wood cracks, allows water seepage, and is susceptible to insects.  Wood treated for insects must be retreated every few years, adding greatly to its overall expense.

Aluminum siding has its advantages, but many homeowners find it aesthetically unappealing, and aluminum is also prone to denting.

Fiber cement is a good choice.  While fiber cement can be subject to water damage, this can be alleviated by professional installation.  Fiber cement is, however, more expensive in most cases than vinyl.Vinyl-BlogPhoto01-resized-600

Vinyl siding, especially when installed by experts with many years of vinyl experience, such as those at United Home Experts, is the clear choice.  Vinyl seldom dents, warps or cracks, no matter how severe the weather gets.  Vinyl does not absorb water, nor is it at all susceptible to insects.  Vinyl also comes in a wide range of pre-painted, baked-on colors — or it can easily be painted in any color a homeowner chooses.

Another great advantage that vinyl has is its insulating quality.  Combined with heavy-duty insulation, pre-cut to fit snugly inside the vinyl sheeting, vinyl siding’s insulating qualities cannot be beaten by any other siding.  And as every New England homeowner is likely aware, every bit of heat saved is money in the homeowner’s pocket.

What Does Certain Teed Offer?

Certain Teed offers eleven different product lines with one of the largest selections of wood-grain and smooth vinyl siding in the business.  Certain Teed vinyl siding also comes in a wide range of both vertical and horizontal siding, with a huge selection of widths to fit any homeowner’s taste and budget.  Certain Teed also edges out its competitors when it comes to color selection, offering just about any color of vinyl siding that a homeowner could want.dutchlappanel01-resized-600

Any product is only as good as its warranty, and Certain Teed siding offers among the best warranties in the business.  Depending on the grade of vinyl chosen, (the mid to high grades are recommended for our area) Certain Teed’s vinyl siding is covered by warranty for anywhere from ten to twenty years.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a home’s siding, so it may be a good idea to consult experts before making a final decision.  The people at United Home Experts have years of experience when it comes to installing siding in this part of the country, and they offer a wide range of different types of siding, which means they are not wedded to any one particular type or brand of siding.  This means you can count on them to help choose the best siding for your home.

Fiber cement siding has become extremely popular here in the northeast, keeping fiber cement installers in MA as busy as those in neighboring states.  There are many reasons for the popularity of this particular type of siding, but there are also certain issues with this siding that homeowners should be aware of.

If not installed properly, the warranty on this siding can become null and void.  That is why it is important that such siding only be installed by professionals, such as those at United Home Experts, who have many years of experience working with such siding here in the harsh weather conditions of the Northeast.

The primary problem faced by poor installation of this type of siding is water absorption.  One of the components of this type of siding is sawdust or cellulose of some type, and these materials absorb moisture.  That is why it is vitally important to have trusted experts do the installing.  They can see to it that the siding will not come in contact with standing water.FiberCement-BlogPhoto34

The advantages of fiber cement siding can far outweigh the disadvantages.   The fact is, more than five million homes in the US use fiber cement siding, and for good reason.  Such siding is durable and comes in a variety of textures.  This type of siding offers outstanding properties and can greatly enhance a home’s value and curb appeal.  Fiber cement installers in MA, such as the dedicated team at United Home Experts,  will install siding with a transferable 30-year limited warranty, attesting to the strength and durability of the product, even in the unforgiving northeastern climate.

This type of siding does not warp or crack due to the intense variations of temperature here in the northeast, and unlike many others types of siding, fiber cement does not attract insects of any kind.

Another advantage of professionally-installed siding is the range of baked-in colors available to the homeowner.  The paints used on this siding are specially formulated for New England’s often harsh climate.  United Home Experts offers 20 exciting colors, each baked onto the siding and each guaranteed for up to fifteen years.

Obviously, warranties such as those available with this type of siding attest to recent innovations in fiber cement technology which have alleviated many of the problems that were rampant in first-generation siding.  Today’s homeowners can confidently choose fiber cement siding to protect, beautify, and enhance the value of virtually any home here in the Northeast.



The Northeast can be especially hard on home siding.  Weather extremes are the rule, not the exception, which means that in this part of the country durability must be a prime concern.  Coupled with durability must be a low maintenance siding; homeowners simply cannot afford to spend a great deal of time and money maintaining a home’s siding once it is installed.

What are the alternatives?  Wood, vinyl, composite and aluminum are the primary sidings.

Wood Siding?Horwitz (1)-resized-600

Wood siding adds a certain charm, an old-world rustic look to a home.  There are a couple of problems with wood siding, however.  It can be time-consuming to install and the cost is not insubstantial.  But the primary drawback of wood siding is its durability − or rather its lack of durability.  Extremes of heat and cold play havoc with most wood sidings. Sidings tend to crack, peel and admit rain and snow after only a few seasons.

Vinyl Siding?

While there are a lot of good things that can be said for vinyl siding, including ease of installation and low maintenance, many roofing and siding contractors have discovered that vinyl siding is not as waterproof as their PR originally suggested.  The truth is, vinyl siding is not designed to be waterproof, rather only water resistant.  It was originally designed only as a covering for another watertight under-layer.

Aluminum Siding?

This brings us to aluminum.  One of the primary benefits of aluminum siding is its durability.  Aluminum siding is not affected by extremes of heat or cold.

Aluminum siding will not rust or rot, nor is it susceptible to insect damage.

Aluminum is not the perfect siding, however.  Its color can fade, requiring painting at some point.  Dents can be another problem, especially for homes in areas with hailstorms.

Consider Composite Siding…dudley5-resized-600

Composite siding, especially something like Everlast’s Polymeric siding, possibly comes as close to the perfect siding for the Northeast as anything.  Polymeric siding comes with a lifetime guarantee against leaking and against fading.  The siding comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, one of which is sure to meet any homeowner’s needs.

While installing an ultra low maintenance siding such as a composite polymeric siding is relatively fast and simple, it is highly recommended that professional installers who are experienced in this type of siding, such as those at United Home Experts, perform the actual work.

Considering the lifetime guarantees that come with the product, including a lifetime warranty against hail damage − which many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover − the cost of composite siding is extremely reasonable.

The Northeast presents several unique challenges for home sidings.  While most sidings have both their good as well as their weak points, composite siding may be the most cost-effective and low maintenance choice of area for homeowners, especially when professional installed by well-trained installers, such as those employed by United Home Experts. For more information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!