The Northeast can be especially hard on home siding.  Weather extremes are the rule, not the exception, which means that in this part of the country durability must be a prime concern.  Coupled with durability must be a low maintenance siding; homeowners simply cannot afford to spend a great deal of time and money maintaining a home’s siding once it is installed.

What are the alternatives?  Wood, vinyl, composite and aluminum are the primary sidings.

Wood Siding?Horwitz (1)-resized-600

Wood siding adds a certain charm, an old-world rustic look to a home.  There are a couple of problems with wood siding, however.  It can be time-consuming to install and the cost is not insubstantial.  But the primary drawback of wood siding is its durability − or rather its lack of durability.  Extremes of heat and cold play havoc with most wood sidings. Sidings tend to crack, peel, and admit rain and snow after only a few seasons.

Vinyl Siding?

While there are a lot of good things that can be said for vinyl siding, including ease of installation and low maintenance, many roofing and siding contractors have discovered that vinyl siding is not as waterproof as their PR originally suggested.  The truth is, vinyl siding is not designed to be waterproof, rather only water resistant.  It was originally designed only as a covering for another watertight under-layer.

Aluminum Siding?

This brings us to aluminum.  One of the primary benefits of aluminum siding is its durability.  Aluminum siding is not affected by extremes of heat or cold.

Aluminum siding will not rust or rot, nor is it susceptible to insect damage.

Aluminum is not the perfect siding, however.  Its color can fade, requiring painting at some point.  Dents can be another problem, especially for homes in areas with hailstorms.

Consider Composite Siding…dudley5-resized-600

Composite siding, especially something like Everlast’s Advanced Composite Siding, possibly comes as close to the perfect siding for the Northeast as anything.  Polymeric siding comes with a lifetime guarantee against leaking and against fading.  The siding comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, one of which is sure to meet any homeowner’s needs.

While installing an ultra low maintenance siding such as a composite polymeric siding is relatively fast and simple, it is highly recommended that professional installers who are experienced in this type of siding, such as those at United Home Experts, perform the actual work.

Considering the lifetime guarantees that come with the product, including a lifetime warranty against hail damage − which many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover − the cost of composite siding is extremely reasonable.

The Northeast presents several unique challenges for home sidings.  While most sidings have both their good as well as their weak points, composite siding may be the most cost-effective and low maintenance choice of area for homeowners, especially when professionally installed by well-trained installers, such as those employed by United Home Experts. For more information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!