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If you’re thinking about installing vinyl siding for your home, it’s a great option which can not only provide strong benefits over other types of siding, but it can also be more affordable than people sometimes think.

The price of vinyl siding will depend on many factors, not only concerning the type of siding that you use, but the scope and complexity of the job, and any additional work which may need to be done in advance of installing the siding.

Certain types of damage will have to be repaired before beginning. If for example the walls under your existing siding have become exposed and the wood is rotting, it will have to be replaced before your new vinyl siding can be installed.

Siding Cost Comparison

This graph shows where vinyl siding is in terms of cost in comparison to other siding options. Click here for more specific information on terms of cost of other sidings.

Also check out SidingMagazine.com’s Siding Calculator for accurate ranges for siding replacement costs!

Other steps which can drive up the price of vinyl siding include whether you will be adding or replacing trim, the type of insulation required, and any building permits if they are needed.

By understanding the different factors in the price of vinyl siding, you can be sure to make an informed decision.

The price of vinyl siding can depend very much on the preparation work required, but it is still a very wise and cost-effective choice in the long run.

Frequently homeowners contact us wondering if their siding can be painted or if it’s in such disrepair that it should be replaced. As a company who offers both solutions, we’re often able to customize an unbiased recommendation based on each individual home, and the homeowners desire.

In this video, Tod and Todd of Weather Tight Corp in Milwaukee do a great job explaining when it’s time to replace your siding versus just painting it.

Weather Tight is one of the premier Siding Contractors in Milwaukee. This and other videos are viewable on their Siding Blog.