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This chart compares Wood Windows such as Ultimate Windows from Marvin, Vinyl Windows such as Generations windows from Simonton, and Fiberglass Windows Such as Integrity Windows from Marvin.  United Home Experts is a certified installer of all these windows.  You may request a free window quote here.

Doesn’t Need Painting / Staining / Treatingcheckmarkcheckmark
Can Be Painted (if desired)checkmarkcheckmark
Rate of Expansion / Contraction (causing gaps)Worst Best
Available with tilt-in sashes for cleaningcheckmarkcheckmarkcheckmark
Thinest Frames / More Glasscheckmark
Highest Level of Beautycheckmark
Initial Cost$$$$$$$$$
Lifetime Cost$$$$$$$$$$$
Initial Beauty 1-10 (Estimated Homeowner Response)1058
Lifetime Beauty 1-10 (Estimated Homeowner Response)848
 # of Factory Exterior Color Options1955
 # of Factory Interior Wood / Color Options552
Insulation ValueGoodGoodGood

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There are several factors a contractor will consider when establishing an estimate for fiber cement siding. A siding contractor with experience will begin by taking into consideration the type of siding you have chosen. You may have decided on fiber cement siding, but there are many colors and styles, such as horizontal and vertical boards or shingles. Then you may also want to choose between a smooth or rough texture, as well as a stone look versus a wood look.

Once you have decided on the color and style of fiber cement siding, the contractor will take into account the square footage and 1-70146aa4765b423d8c2df97de04adb4aheight of your house. The contractor will also examine the number of siding surfaces and the complexity of your home structure, as well as the state of the existing walls and whether any demolition of current siding is necessary. This may be needed if walls have not be maintained well, or if there is any kind of water or weather damage that has occurred. In this kind of situation, the fiber cement siding job may require other repair work and therefore additional costs. These are just a few elements of a fiber cement siding job that a respected contractor will consider, and there are many other components that will also come into play.

You may have considered all of these aspects of a fiber cement siding job, but there are other additional expenses that accrue as a result of necessary permits depending on what your city or town requires. These may include a building permit, a street permit, and even a dumpster permit. The dumpster itself will increase the overall cost of the fiber cement siding job, as will overage fees for the weight of the siding scraps.

There are so many details to a fiber cement siding job that an experienced contractor will know exactly what needs to be considered for an accurate estimate. An expert contractor can help you take into consideration all the different elements for a professional and thorough fiber cement siding job.

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Most people assume they only have one option when it comes to replacing their roof, and that is asphalt shingles with either a fiberglass or organic base. However, there are many other less common options available for roof replacement. The question our customers ask us is, “are these roofing types right for my home?” Here is a list of pro’s and con’s for each category to help you decide.


A base material combined with either an organic fiber mat or fiberglass core. Each type is impregnated with asphalt and coated with mineral granules to add color and texture. An adhesive back combined with nails is the fastening method used.

Largest variety of color and style, Many warranty options through certified companies, Generally the least expensive optionLess impact resistant than some other options, Does not reflect heat


Once limited to low-slope structures, standing seam steel roofs can now be used on steeper roofs as well.

Durability, practically maintenance-free, heat reflectiveAesthetics are not pleasing to most people, more expensive than asphalt, Noisy, Limited options


One of the oldest forms of roofing in New England, it is still used today on certain more traditional homes and in specific neighborhoods.

Traditional appearance for older homes, Long lastingRequires reinforced roof to handle the weight, Difficult to repair, Limited styles and colors, Very expensive

Start here if you’re in need of a roofing contractor in MA.


The composite slate market is on the rise in the roofing industry. Lamarite® Slate composite shingles seem to be leading the pack.

Accurately resembles slate tiles, Less expensive than slateLimited styles and colors, Few roofers in New England have experience with it


Interlock roofing is a composite roof system made mostly from recycled materials.

Durability, Longevity, more variety than other types of roofing except asphaltAesthetics, Much more expensive than other options, short track record



Natural aesthetic beauty for country style homesQuality and longevity can vary significantly, attracts moss and algae, more expensive than asphalt roofing

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