What We Did


  • Removed and Replaced all Exterior Cedar Siding and Aluminum Siding
  • Removed 3 Tab Composite Roofing Shingles
  • Installed new Architectural Certainteed Roofing Shingles
  • Exterior Painting with Sherwin Williams Resilience Exterior Paint

This 200-year-old building in Cambridge, Massachusetts was in need of some serious care. The building located in a historic district had been abused and mistreated over the years and lost its original historical integrity.

The owners wanted to bring the building back to its 1700’s beauty and so did the historical commission of the neighborhood. As historical contracting specialists, we were able to meet with historical commission and owners to provide a long-lasting siding solution while at the same time maintaining the original historical integrity of the siding.

To start we removed the old aluminum siding and discovered older failing cedar siding. When the siding was removed it exposed failing sheathing and rotten wood that needed to be replaced. Plywood sheathing was installed and Tyvek HomeWrap® was applied to protect the house from moisture damage and wind.

Being local siding contractors, we were able to provide the perfect siding option which is resistant to rot and will hold exterior paint for up to 20 years or more. This siding is a fiber cement siding made by FC company, called FCPlank Siding.

Fiber-cement siding contractors, such as United Home Experts, are certified siding installers and we take extra care when installing it. Especially in a historical town like Cambridge, MA, the details mattered.

The goal was to achieve the original look while, at the same time, creating a low maintenance siding solution that looks like wood. To achieve this we also used Cellular PVC trim boards them used Sherwin Williams exterior paint to finish the building off. As experienced MA painters, the finish looks amazing.

We also replaced the existing 3-tab roofing material with architectural roof shingles by CertainTeed roofing based in Norwood MA. As certified Massachusetts SELECT Shingle Roofers®, we were able to offer a 20-year warranty on the roof. Most roofing contractors in MA will only give a 5-year warranty at best. The mansard roof took extra care to make sure the historical look was maintained.

In the end, we were able to turn a neglected and abused historical house into its original look using modern fiber cement siding, lifetime paint coatings, and long-lasting roof. This historical Cambridge neighborhood was very happy with the transformation from old ugly aluminum siding to new freshly painted FC siding. They were especially impressed a local contracting company could do all aspects of the siding, roofing, and painting.