What We Did


  • Removed and Replaced all sheathing
  • Install Rolled Batt Insulation
  • Installed FC Sierra 8 siding
  • Installed Cellular PVC trim
  • Painted with Sherwin Williams Resilience Paint
  • Simonton Geometric Windows

This 1970’s contemporary style home in Groton, Massachusetts was in need of some serious care. The customers had recently purchased the home knowing there was a good chance the old siding would need to be replaced, and insulation would need to be installed.

They were in need of a siding installer, painter, and someone to insulate the walls. They were thrilled to know that we could handle all facets of the project.

We first removed the T-111 vertical panel siding that was delaminating and rotting in many places. As siding contractors in Massachusetts we are experienced in removing all types of siding from Cedar clapboard, to aluminum siding, to asphalt shingle siding and everything in between. In this case the siding was also acting as the sheathing, so the homeowner thought it’d be a good opportunity to insulate the walls.

We added R-13 rolled batt insulation to all areas and then installed new plywood sheathing. We then wrapped the house with a moisure barrier, Tyvek® Homewrap.

The customers wanted to maintain the charming look of their woodsy home so we recommended FC vertical panel Sierra-8 siding. This fiber cement siding product is designed to look like vertical cedar or T-111 panel.

To complement their new low-maintenance siding, we installed low maintenance cellular PVC trim.

Some of the siding rot had spread to 2 of the windows. Our window installers replaced those 2 geometrical shaped windows with Simonton vinyl windows in the color driftwood to match the color scheme.

This recently married Groton, ma couple customers are very happy with their beautiful new home. They were thrilled to find a siding company, painters, and window installers, all under one local contractor. They recently commented how well their newly insulated home held the heat during a lengthy power outage.