What We Did


  • Removed all the existing roofing, flashings and backing paper
  • Installed new roofing shingles, flashings and underlayment
  • Replaced some rotted wood clapboards on the left side of the house, front of the house and the entire right side of the house
  • Painted the whole exterior

This house was built in 1984 and it had a combination of different issues. The roof was the original roof, so it was about 24 years old and needed to be replaced. The customer will be selling the house within a few years, so they wanted it to be in good shape for the sale to get the most money for their property.

We replaced the existing roof with Certainteed Landmark® 30-year shingles, 6 feet of ice-and-water shield called Winterguard® by CertainTeed, 30 pound Roofer’s Select® felt underlayment, and 8 inch flashing along all the edges.

The roof was completed quickly, but there was still more work to be done on the siding.

Carpentry was next on the checklist for this home improvement project. The customer loved that we had specialized craftsman for each project (roofer’s who roof, carpenters who do carpentry, etc.). The right side of the house was the worst because of the sun, and it was in bad shape (see picture).

We took off all of the existing siding on the side and replaced it with primed FC Fiber Cement Siding “smooth style” to match the rest of the house. FC Fiber Cement siding holds up much better in the extreme weather than wood, so this was the perfect solution for this area of the house.

There was also other issues with the front door frame threshold (wood under the door), and some of the clapboards on the left side of the house. We replaced all the rot, so we were ready to paint.

Finally, we painted the exterior of the house for the finishing touch. We painted it with the same color scheme as it was before, but with the carpentry and new paint, everything looked great. The customer will be moving and said she will use us again in her new house for any of her home improvement needs.

At the end of the job the customer said “I was very pleased with the service and the quality of the job. The crew was very friendly and conscientious. In addition, they were responsive to new issues that popped up!”