What We Did


  • Removed all old peeling clapboards and trim
  • Replaced all trim with PVC
  • Replaced clapboards with FC clapboards
  • Painted house

“Chain of Referrals”-This very large colonial house built in 1986 is located in a nice neighborhood in Andover MA. The original clapboards were not of the best quality and were causing paint problems.

The owners of the house decided to look into the possibility of replacing the siding. They knew they didn’t want to even consider vinyl siding because they didn’t care for the look. This left them considering wood siding vs. fiber cement siding. Another factor that was very important to them was re-sale value and recouping the cost of new siding.

During our consultation we explained to the customer that the cost of high quality wood clapboard is greater than the cost of Fiber Cement clapboard. We further explained that FC siding comes with a 50 year product warranty and will hold paint for 20 years. To address the cost vs. value issue we provided documentation that showed fiber cement siding replacement had the number one payback for a home improvement project.

After viewing several houses in the area that we had done with fiber cement they were ready to have us transform their house. We removed and disposed of all the old clapboards and wood trim. We thoroughly inspected the sheathing (plywood underlayment) for any rot or insect infestation.

Next we installed Tyvek HomeWrap®. All the trim was replaced with maintenance free PVC trim. The new clapboard siding was installed to a 4 inch reveal. Finally the house was thoroughly caulked and painted with two coats.

While we were working on this house a neighbor down the street who is a realtor saw what we were doing and ended up hiring us to install new Fiber Cement Siding on her house. Several months later she referred us to a client in Arlington who just bought a house through her. We replaced their roof and installed Fiber cement siding. We are ready for the next referral to keep the chain going!