What We Did


  • Powerwashed the exterior
  • Rot wood replacement
  • Painted the exterior with Sherwin Williams® paint

This homeowner in Pawtucket, RI contacted us when they had issues with a lot of chalking and faded paint. They wanted to revamp the exterior of the home so we, as a local painting contractor, suggested replacing all rotted areas to ensure that all of the paint would hold.

Our painters started by power-washing the exterior with a mildew-removing solution. Then we caulked and puttied all he gaps, cracks and siding seams.

Then we replaced all of the rotted wood on the side and on the back shed which were no longer holding paint. Then we lightly sanded all areas that had loose or peeling paint to minimize rough edges.

Next we applied an oil based primer to all the exterior of the home. Then we painted the shingles and downspouts with two coats of Sherwin Williams® latex paint, flat finish.

Our painters then finished by painting the windows, trim, soffits, fascia, and foundation with Sherwin Williams® paint. Take a look at the finished home.