What We Did


  • Power-wash the exterior with mildew remover
  • Feather-sand loose and flaky stain
  • Stained wood with Cabot® Semi-solid stain

This home in Methuen MA was in dire needs for a new finish. The home owners were not quite ready to replace the wood but wanted to preserve the rustic look.

First our painters started with the surface preparation for the project. We did a special restoration wash on the entire exterior with bleach and mildew remover. Then we caulked and puttied all the gaps, cracks and siding seams. Later, we feather sanded all areas that had loose or flaking stain.

We then applied two coats of Cabot® Semi-solid, oil based, new cedar stain to the entire home including soffit, fascia, windows and door frames. Our painters sprayed this oil-based stain to the surface so it would penetrate the wood and hold for a long time. This type of oil based stain will also keep the wood from curling.

Here is what the finished home looks like. As a local painting contractor, we were able to make such a difference in this home’s exterior!