Increasing Your Property Value… With Lawn Care?

Thanks to Shawn K. from Weed Pro in Ohio for this awesome blog post!  I bet if you think about you’ll agree, we subconsciously evaluate a home in part by the health of the lawn.

What’s it Worth to You?

We all know that improving your home’s roof, siding, and windows can have an immediate impact on the value of your home.  But lawn_caredid you know that improving the look and color of your lawn has an impact too?

More than likely, the last place that anyone looks to increase there home’s value is to improve his or her lawn and landscape.  However, a well-manicured lawn and landscape, according to some real estate agents, can raise your property’s value by over 5%.  At those rates, improving your lawn and landscape is an easy way to improve your investment in your home.

Lawn care is even more important when selling your home.  Not only does a beautiful landscape increase your home’s value, but it also serves as the first impression to potential buyers when approaching your home. A lawn overridden by weeds and dead brush can automatically give a negative perception of the house, even before seeing what the inside has to offer.

Tips for Improving that Lawn


  1. Test your soil.   A good-looking lawn starts with understanding what kind of food your lawn needs to grow strong and healthy.  Most home improvement stores sell soil-testing kits, and all good professional lawn care companies provide testing at no charge.
  2. Feed Me!  Fertilizing your lawn is not as easy as it may sound.  Like your body, it needs certain nutrients.  After receiving the results of your soil test, you’ll know exactly what your lawn needs, and can layout a proper “nutrition” plan to keep it green!
  3. Preemergents are you friends!  The best way to get rid of weeds and crabgrass is to prevent them from growing early in the year with fertilizers that contain preemergents.
  4. Spot treat your weeds.  Ever here the term, “they are growing like a weed?”  Well, it’s true.  Even if you put down preemergent and follow up with “weed & feed” fertilizers, weeds will pop up in between treatments.  The best way to hand this is to buy a bottle of selective spot weed killer and take care of them as they pop up.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a weed-free, beautiful lawn that will have the neighbors in awe!

Shaun Kanary is with Weed Pro, an Ohio lawn care company based in Cleveland, Ohio.  To read more tips and tricks, visit their lawn care website.

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