Exterior Painting in Boston: What are the major challenges?

As an Exterior Painting Company in Boston, MA we’ve done it all.  Boston and the surrounding towns have such an eclectic assortment of buildings that we have to be prepared to handle a variety of different tasks.  Here are some of the challenges we face on a regular basis.

Lead Paint:  Any homes or buildings the predate 1975 and have not been previously refurbished or de-leaded contain lead paint.  Our challenge is to abide by the strict state and local regulations for handling lead paint, while keeping the cost as reasonable as possible.  In many cases we advise home and business owners to consider replacing the siding on the exterior of the building with something lower maintenance and longer lasting such as fiber cement or vinyl.  Often times this alternative is not much more expensive then using approved methods of stripping the paint from the existing home.  In addition, the new lower maintenance siding will last a whole lot longer.

Historical Regulations: Many neighborhoods in and around Boston have restrictions of what one can do with the exterior of their homes.  Often this is handled on a case by case basis, but we have had some success getting approval to install synthetic products such as Fiber cement clapboard and Azek style PVC trim on homes in Cambridge, Somerville, and other cities in the area.

Height and Access: Many homes in Boston exceed a height that’s workable from regular ladders.  In this case we bring in scaffolding, or lifts to help us access the high areas.  Of course this can add to the cost of the project but in many cases there is no other option.  Small spaces, sidewalks and alleys can also cause problems when painting in Boston.  Many times we have to obtain permitting with the city to block the sidewalk while we are working.

These are the major challenges we constanlty face when exterior painting in boston.

Visit cityofboston.gov for more info on lead paint removal regulations.

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