New England is a region known for its traditional buildings. Although many local historical  councils have strict regulations on what building materials can be used to restore a building,  many traditional buildings are not regulated by these commissions. In such cases it’s  becoming more and more prevalent for building owners to have fiber cement  siding installed to […]

 There have never been more incentives to replace your windows or doors than there is right now!  You might be  thinking “that’s quite the sales pitch,” but it’s actually true. Here are 5 ways you can save money by replacing your windows this fall.  #1 Federal Tax Credit: Although Cash-For-Clunkers has stolen some of the the thunder, the federal tax […]

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about whether or not there are any asphalt roof shingles that qualify for the Federal tax credit for energy efficient improvements.  The answer is YES!  For specifics on your territory consult a local roofing contractor. We recommend Certainteed® roofing materials over any other roofing products on the market.  Certainteed® […]

 This is an excellent question, and the short answer is, “Less than you think!”  The requirements for the  Federal Tax Credit for energy efficient home improvements are fairly stringent.  The standards are a U-  value <= .30 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) <= .30. (U-value measures the rate of heat loss  through a […]

Vinyl windows have gained significant market share in Massachusetts over the past 20 years, but  why?  What do vinyl windows have to offer the typical homeowner in New England? Vinyl windows are certainly not right for everyone.  What we tend to recommend to homeowners is if  you like the look and feel of wood then […]

In the past ten years fiber cement siding has made leaps and bounds in the residential remodeling and new construction markets in  New England. Market share for the siding is approaching 10% according to manufacturers and  the Portland Cement Association. This may not seem like a large share but given the fact that the  siding product was virtually […]

    exterior of your home in Rhode Island there are several factors you should consider.  Whether    you plan on attempting the paint job yourself or hiring a Rhode Island painting contractor the    three factors described below will be helpful.   Factor #1:  Strict Rhode Island Lead Removal Laws:  Rhode Island is one of the strictest   […]

 The economy in Rhode Island is bad in general but there probably isn’t any group that  has been  more impacted than Roofers in RI.  This is due to a number of factors but  specifically these three:  #1 Putting it off: Roofs generally only need to be replaced every 15-20  years. Therefore,  homeowners who have been directly effected by the economy, and […]

There is plenty of debate in the building and home improvement industries about the topic of Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl Siding and Cedar Siding which have been around for a lot longer. Thousands of homeowners have looked to United Home Experts to help them determine the answer to this question.  If the solution was so cut […]

There are several shingle or shingle style products that Rhode Island siding companies can use near the coast.  Some have been used for decades, and some are newer and more modern siding products. Cedar shingles: Traditionally coastal homes in Rhode Island have white cedar shingles that are left to weather naturally.  Other times they are […]