Roofing Repair Review – Tim A.

I had a roof leak – it looked to be coming from under 1 of my solar panels. The company that installed my solar panels is no longer in business, so I started calling around. I called a few solar places asking for help and it was hard to even get a callback. So, I decided to just find a roofer and see if they could help. I started my search in town and found United Home Experts. I called and explained my situation – they were willing to send someone out in a few days to at least look at the problem. Doug D. arrived on-time (a little early, actually) and I showed him what was happening. Doug (great guy – knowledgable, professional, personable) got to work right away, found and fixed the problem (which thankfully ended up being right next to the solar panel – not under it), and also fixed a few loose shingles while he was on the roof. United Home Experts was GREAT to work with; from the moment I called to the moment the problem was resolved. I’ll definitely check with the Experts again the next time I need work done on the house.

Tim A
 in Ashland, MA