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The town of Wayland was supposedly named after Doctor Francis Wayland, the president of Brown University.  This was back in the 1830s.  Since then, Wayland has grown to be one of the wealthier towns in all of Massachusetts, with a median household income of over $120,000.

It is not just the relative wealth of the town which accounts for so much pride in the history of this entire area, especially Wayland itself.  Homeowners here are looking for ways to keep their homes looking good as well as historically accurate.

One way to do that is through the choice of replacement windows.  After all, windows help to define not just the marvin-double-hung-window-19-459x540-resized-600way a home looks, but the way an entire neighborhood presents itself.  That means choosing the right type of windows to go with a particular home.

Today homeowners have more window choices than ever before – and it can be extremely confusing.  Every manufacturer is screaming that their product is the best on the market.  So how does a homeowner choose when it comes time for window replacement in Wayland?

For one thing, homeowners in this part of the country overwhelmingly want either fiberglass windows or wood framed windows.  The best company for both fiberglass and wood windows is Marvin, one of the top window manufacturers in the world.

For window replacement in Wayland, homeowners demand a contractor who knows all local codes and permits.  After all, no homeowner wants to discover after it is too late that a contractor failed to file the proper permit.

Windows, perhaps more than any other part of a home, can be a source of lost energy – and lost energy translates andersenexterior-04-075-resized-600in lost dollars in higher heating and cooling bills.  Installing the right windows, with the highest possible Energy Star rating, is extremely important to local homeowners.

It is also important to use a window contractor who is part of the local community.  A contractor needs roots in the area and needs to genuinely care about the quality of work performed.

United Home Experts is the only local contractor who meets all of the criteria demanded by Wayland homeowners.  UHE has been putting windows in Wayland homes for more years than anyone cares to remember and they know every local code and building permit requirement by heart.

UHE recommends Marvin fiberglass windows or wood frame windows and a few other window brands.  Marvinmarvin-double-hung-window-11-635x540-resized-600 is the recognized leader in the manufacture of windows.  Marvin fiberglass windows are textured and colored to look virtually identical to wood.  Their fiberglass windows are light weight, quick, and have one of the highest Energy Star ratings in the business.  Marvin wood frame windows have that classic look and feel to them and they are as “green” as it is possible to get.  Homeowners who choose either Marvin fiberglass windows or Marvin wood frame windows never need to worry about the quality of their choice.

Keep in mind, too, that many lesser contractors hire their window installers as day workers off of some parking lot – but the professional installers who work for United Home Experts have been well trained and work for the company full-time.  Homeowners never need to worry about the quality or the qualifications of the expert installers at UHE.

Price is always a concern, and many homeowners assume that because they are choosing the very best window contractor in Wayland that they are choosing the most expensive.  Not necessarily.  Keep in mind that UHE is one of the largest installers of windows in all of the Northeast which means they purchase their windows in bulk at deeply discounted prices.  They pass their lower costs on to their customers, keeping their prices in line with many lesser contractors.  So give the friendly and knowledgeable folks at UHE a call today and find out for yourself just how affordable replacement windows in Wayland can be. For more information about our replacement window services, visit our main windows page!


Wayland is home to literally dozens of very prominent people.  For example, the minister Edmond Sears is from Wayland; he wrote the poem “It Came Upon The Midnight Clear.”  More recently Steven Tyler of the band Aerosmith calls Wayland home, as does Bobby Orr, the famous hockey player.  Then there is Alberto Salazar, the famous marathon runner, plus several famous TV and movie actors, broadcasters and many others.

Homeowners in Wayland have a lot to be proud of and they often display that pride when it comes time to put a new roof on a home.  A roof is one of the first things most people notice about a home, so homeowners here know just how important it is to find just the right roofer in Wayland.

To start with, a roofing contractor needs to offer a roof with an unconditional lifetime warranty, including labor.  ctr00prepdnlr0001mAfter all, no homeowner wants to roof a home more than once.  In order to make such an unprecedented guarantee a roofing contractor would need to use only the highest quality shingles, water-tight seals and flashing manufactured by the Certainteed Corporation, the recognized world-leader in roofing products.

Naturally a roofer in Wayland must have the welfare of this community at heart.  That means, among other things, that a roofer needs to have roots in Wayland and have a stake in this community.  Given the size of Wayland, a roofer in this community cannot last long with bad word of mouth.

That sets a relatively high bar for any roofer in Wayland.  Fortunately one roofer meets or exceeds every criteria that homeowners in this community have for an excellent roofer.  United Home Experts meets or beats every challenge that local homeowners can throw before them.

Let us begin with the fact thatUnited Home Experts offers one of the few limited lifetime warranties for a roof – certainteedrooflandmarkseriand that includes labor.  In other words, homeowners in this town most likely will never have to even think about re-roofing a home again.  Ever.

United Home Experts can off this unprecedented warranty because they use the very best-grade shingles, water-tight seals and flashing manufactured by the world-famous Certainteed Corporation.  Certainteed is recognized as being one of the top producers of roofing materials in the world.

When it comes to community involvement, United Home Experts takes center stage.  They have been roofing homes here in Wayland for many years, with literally hundreds of happy, satisfied customers.  They are thrilled to provide any homeowner with dozens of roofing references.

A roofing contractor is really only as good as his employees and United Home Experts has the best roofing installers in the area.  All of UHE’s roofers have had extensive training and almost all of them have been with the company for years – unlike many roofing contractors who only hire their workers on an as-needed basis, using day laborers from a local parking lot.  With UHE homeowners here in Wayland never have to worry about the quality of the people being brought onto their property.

Normally homeowners might expect to pay a hefty premium for a company like United Home Experts, but the truth is, UHE is one of the largest roofing firms in the Northeast which allows them to buy their supplies in bulk at a huge discount.  United Home Experts then passes those savings on to the people of Wayland.  Homeowners considering a roofer in Wayland should not hesitate for even a moment to call the friendly and knowledgeable people at United Home Experts and learn for themselves just how affordable a new, life-time guaranteed roof can be. For information about our roofing services, visit our main roofing page!

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House completed the summer of 2012 with Everlast Composite siding.

Wayland, Massachusetts was first settled in 1639 as part of the Sudbury Plantation, but the town was not officially incorporated until 1835.  Wayland was originally an agricultural community, and remained so up until World War II.  One of the things that the people of Wayland can be most proud of is the fact that Wayland is the site of the first free public library in the entire state of Massachusetts.

Of course, the homeowners of Wayland have a lot more to be proud of than just a library.  The town has a deep and rich history which is reflected in the pride which many homeowners take in the remodeling of their homes.  That is especially true when it comes to re-siding a home here in town;  many homeowners want to maintain a traditional look and feel to the image of their town but at the same time it is important that new siding have a high Energy Star rating to help keep utility bills under control.

Wayland homeowners demand a low maintenance siding for their homes.  They also want a siding that will last virtually forever so they will not have to go through the time and expense of re-siding their home again.

As well as a low maintenance siding, homeowners in Wayland also demand that any siding contractor in Wayland Blog-Photo09have excellent equipment plus experience in working on tall buildings as well as working in tight, limited spaces.

Naturally any siding contractor needs to be thoroughly familiar with all local codes and building permits and must be absolutely conversant with all Energy Star ratings.

Finally, any contractor must have the best interests of the community at heart.  That means a contractor who works in Wayland and who has already sided hundreds of local homes.

Obviously that is a tall order to fill, but fortunately one siding contractor here in Wayland meets every homeowner requirement and that is United Home Experts.  United Home Experts has successfully completed more homes in Wayland than probably any other siding contractor so they are deeply committed to this community.  They have literally hundreds of happy homeowners who will attest to their skill and their quick completion of the job.

United Home Experts are also experts when it comes to filing and following all local codes and permits.  Failure to energystarlogo (1)file proper permits can cause a homeowner untold headaches.

Saving energy means saving potentially hundreds of dollars a year on heating and cooling costs, which is why United Home Experts are the recognized experts when it comes to applying siding with the highest Energy Star ratings available.  Remember, utility savings continue piling up month after month, year after year.

One final point, but it is important.  Most siding contractors hire their help on a per-job basis, often hiring day workers from some parking lot.  That is not the way United Home Experts does business.  Each of their employees has gone through a rigorous training program and virtually every employee has been with the company for years.  Day laborers are never a part of UHE’s team of experienced siding pros.

Normally to hire a company like UHE a homeowner would expect to pay a premium. But UHE is one of the largest siding contractors in the entire Northeast which means they tailor every estimate to the liking of the homeowners all at no cost to them.  So give United Home Experts a call and see just how affordable new siding can be. For more information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

Knowing that one’s home has been upgraded gives homeowners a sense of pride. There are many companies that provide home improvement, but United Home Experts (UHE) outshines them all. There are many great reasons why customers in Boston and its surrounding areas should choose United Home Experts as their choice of quality home improvement company.


Experienced Staff

Whether hiring a siding contractor, roofing specialist, window installer, or painter, one can be sure that UHE provides experts in that field. Unlike other companies, United trains employees in a specific area so that they become an expert in their chosen field. Although employees are trained in every area, they specialize in one area of work, making them experts in that field.  If a homeowner hires a roofing contractor from United Home Experts, they can be confident that the contractor will be an ace in the roofing business.

Knowledgeable About the Area

Homes in the greater Boston area require specific care. Winters can be harsh on a home’s exteriors and roofing. Living in coastal areas also comes with its own special issues for homes. Having a local company that understands the needs of local homeowners helps get the job done right the first time, with less worry.

Great Prices

A comparison of prices for home repairs and improvements results in varied estimates. The staff at United Home Experts are more than happy to provide an estimate, providing fair and detailed pricing of any improvement to a home. Times are tough, and it’s great to know that some companies offer reasonable prices in these harsh economic times.

Great Customer Service

Hundreds of local customers attest to their satisfaction with the service level they have received from United Home Experts. Homeowners comment that customer service is top-notch, work performed is excellent, and that they and their homes are treated with respect. Many homeowners return time and time again to have UHE work on their homes.

Some of the comments left by customers include statements that the work was completed in less time than expected, and that they were pleased with the professionalism of the workers. Also, many state they will use UHE for any future home repairs. Knowing that others rely on and trust United Home makes the job of hunting for a remodeling company that much easier. UHE is a trusted and reliable home improvement company for those living in the Boston and surrounding area.

For any home repair or improvement job, contact UHE for professional and reliable work. Hundreds of other customers are glad they relied on United Home Experts.