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Storms occur every now and then in various forms such as hail, wind, and snow.  These can damage siding and depositphotos_3449007_original-resized-600roofing and weaken the integrity of the exterior of the house.  It makes the wall covered by the siding susceptible to moisture, rot, and insect infestation.  Identifying these potential problem areas will help the owner fix it while it affects only a small area of the wall, preventing the problem from escalating, and saving money.

Type of Siding and Susceptibility

Among the more common siding types, wood is the most susceptible to moisture damage.  If the storm brings with it a large amount of snow or water, the lamination around wood siding may be removed.  This exposes the wood to moisture, which in turn will lead to wood rot if the siding is not removed and replaced.

Fiber cement siding, although FCr, is also susceptible to moisture damage. However, the cement that encloses its wood or cellulose fibers allows it to resist moisture better.  It only becomes susceptible if this outer covering is compromised.

Extreme cold makes vinyl siding brittle.  Many of these vinyl products are said to be able to withstand winds above 120 miles per hour or impacts amounting to 20 pounds of force.  Exposure to extreme cold, however, will take away its ability to do so.

Invisible Damage

Damage caused by hail, such as dents in the siding and roof, is not easy to pinpoint.  Even severe siding damage cannot easily be identified because lighting and the viewing angle obscures the damage.  United Home Experts has extensive experience in identifying hail damage and have assisted their customers in assessing what repairs need to be done to the house’s exterior.

Many siding and roof products have hail damage warranty coverage.  The manufacturer can provide an expert assessor to evaluate such damage.  It is important to note that even minute damage needs to be repaired.  Leaving it alone will in time compromise other parts of the wall and lead to further damage.

After a storm, it is not just the siding that might be damaged but also the wall it covers.  Such damage is often difficult to identify because the siding over it may appear untouched.  This will also increase the cost of repairs.  It should thus be considered when making an estimate.

In Summary

If a house is located where storms occur often, choosing the right siding is very important.  In the event there is siding damage caused by hail, wind or moisture, these should be attended to immediately.  The aid of an expert like the people at United Home Experts will help with identifying problems not easily seen so they may be repaired accordingly.