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Shrewsbury is named after a town of the same name in jolly ol’ England.  As a town it was first settled in 1722 and officially incorporated in 1727.  Apple orchards and a leatherworks eventually failed to keep the town going, but the trolley cars in the early 1800s brought hundreds of new families from Worcester who mainly settled around Lake Quinsigamond.  Today Shrewsbury is a thriving town of more than 35,000 people who are proud of their long and important history.

One of the many ways homeowners show their town pride is in the way they keep up the homes in town.  One of the first things anyone notices when driving through the many gorgeous neighborhoods in Shrewsbury are the excellent roofs covering many homes.  Whether colonial or more modern, homeowners here in Shrewsbury demand a lot from the roof over their head.

For one thing, homeowners here demand a roof that never needs to be replaced.  No one wants to go through all CTR00PREPDNLR0001Bof the aggravation and the expense of roofing a home more than once.  Of course, in order to guarantee a roof for a lifetime a roofer in Shrewsbury will need to use the highest quality flashings, water barriers and shingles on the market, preferably those manufactured by the Certainteed Corporation, the nation’s leading manufacturer of roofing products.

And, just as importantly, a roofing contractor here in Shrewsbury needs to care about this community and the people in it.  A roofer must have roots which go deeply into Shrewsbury and must have hundreds of local roofing projects to point to.

There are very few roofers in Shrewsbury who even come close to matching the criteria demanded by the certainteedrooflandmarkserihomeowners of this community.  The primary one, of course, is United Home Experts.  United Home Experts has been roofing homes in Shrewsbury for many, many years.  It is almost impossible to drive through any neighborhood here in Shrewsbury without seeing at least one home with a United Home Experts’ roof.

In fact, United Home Experts can probably show a homeowner considering a new roof more local references than any other contractor in town.

UHE offers one of the best unconditional lifetime guarantees (including labor!) for many of its roofs – see their complete warranty for limitations and details.  United Home Experts uses the highest quality shingles, water seals and flashings manufactured by the world-renowned Certainteed Corporation to insure that homeowners will never have to even think about their roof again.

Another thing that sets UHE apart from most of its competition is the quality of its workforce.  All of United Home Experts’ roofing installers have been with the company for years and all are highly trained.  Compare that with some other contractors who pick up their installers each morning from the local home center parking lot.

Price is the final consideration.  Usually when a homeowner chooses the #1 roofer in an area that homeowner expects to pay a premium, but in the case of UHE they are one of the largest roofing contractors in this entire area which means they buy their roofing materials in bulk and pass the savings on to the homeowners of Shrewsbury.  So give United Home Experts a call and see for yourself that getting the very best does not necessary cost even a dime more. For more information about our roofing services, visit our main roofing page!

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The people of Shrewsbury have always been slightly radical, knowing their own minds and not caring much what others thought.  That trait goes all the way back to 1786 when Shrewsbury was a staging area for Shay’s Rebellion, which sought to close the courts in order to stop the wholesale foreclosure of homes and farms during the depression that followed the Revolutionary War.

Even today the people of Shrewsbury know their own minds and don’t care what others may think.  For example, when the homeowners of Shrewsbury need to reside a home they demand certain things from any siding contractor in Shrewsbury.

First they require a low maintenance siding.  No one wants to spend every weekend keeping their home’s siding Blog-Photo19looking good.  They also want a siding which lasts virtually forever since no one in Shrewsbury wants to spend the time or the money re-siding their home a second time.

That means any siding contractor in Shrewsbury must have their own top-notch equipment and they must be experts at working on both tall buildings as well as siding in small, tight spaces.

Naturally it goes without saying that a siding contractor here in Shrewsbury must know all of Shrewsbury’s local building codes and permits like they know the back of their hand.

Shrewsbury homeowners also demand that their siding have the highest Energy Star ratings possible in order to conserve resources – including their cash.  A high Energy Star rating equals extra cash in a homeowner’s pocket month after month in the form of lower utility bills.

And lastly, Shrewsbury homeowners want a siding contractor who knows Shrewsbury, someone with roots in the community, somebody who cares about the homes and the people in this area.

That is a tall order, but one siding contractor fulfills every requirement that Shrewsbury homeowners demand and cornerthat is United Home Experts.  United Home Experts has been siding homes here in Shrewsbury for many years.  They have literally hundreds of satisfied customers.  In fact, it is almost impossible to drive through any Shrewsbury neighborhood without finding at least one home that has been sided by the siding experts at United Home Experts.

United Home Experts has hundreds of happy homeowners who are willing to share their siding experiences with any local homeowner considering a home residing.

Because UHE has sided so many homes here locally, they know every local code and building permit backward and forward and they are happy to file all the proper paperwork for any homeowner who uses them to reside a home.

United Home Experts only uses low maintenance siding that lasts a lifetime, so homeowners here in Shrewsbury EnergyStarLogonever have to worry about home residing again.  And UHE knows Energy Star rating better than practically anyone; they also use the highest quality materials with the best ratings possible, plus they have the best equipment available and have years and years of experience working on both tall buildings as well as working in small, tight spaces.

And one final thing.  While some contractors hire their siding “experts” as day laborers from a local parking lot, United Home Experts always uses its own highly-trained team of siding experts who have been well trained and who have worked together on literally hundreds of siding jobs over the years.

So why not give the friendly and experienced people at United Home Experts a call today and find out for yourself just how affordable hiring the #1 siding contractor in all of Shrewsbury really is. For information about our siding services, visit our main siding page!

To schedule your free estimate, give us a call at 508-881-8555.


The town of Shrewsbury’s Historical Commission was set up to protect and preserve Shrewsbury’s historical legacy.  The downtown historical district is proof of the pride which the people of Shrewsbury have in their community’s important history.

The homeowners of Shrewsbury help to maintain the town’s past even down to the smallest detail – such as replacement windows.  The truth of the matter is there are far more choices when it comes to replacement windows today than there ever has been before and the wrong choice can cause one of the beautiful homes here in town to become an anachronistic eyesore.

That is why it is so important for homeowners here to consult with an expert when it comes time to choose replacement windows.  But not just any expert will do.

Homeowners here in Shrewsbury demand a lot from a window contractor.  First, they require their contractor to blog-photo09be intimately familiar with all of Shrewsbury’s local codes and permits and they need any contractor who does window replacement in Shrewsbury to have a thorough knowledge of Energy Star codes and how they apply to the homes in this area.  After all, knowing what Energy Star ratings mean translates directly into monthly cash in the pockets of local homeowners in the form of lower utility bills.

Two of the best windows for conserving energy are Marvin’s fiberglass windows and Marvin’s wood framed windows.

Lastly, anyone doing window replacement in Shrewsbury must have a stake in this community.  Any window contractor must have roots firmly planted in this area and must genuinely care about both the people as well as the homes of this town.

That is a tall order, but there is one window contractor which measures up.  United Home Experts has roots in this vinyl8500-series-rep-double-hung-interior-3-resized-600community and they sincerely care about both the people of Shrewsbury as well as the homes in this community.  UHE has put in more replacement windows here in town than virtually any other contractor.  In fact, it is almost impossible to drive through the local area without spotting at least one home or office that has had its windows replaced by United Home Experts.  They have files bulging with literally hundreds of happy local homeowners who are only too happy to sing the praises of UHE.

And because United Home Experts has installed replacement windows in so many homes here in town, they know every building code and every required permit backward and forward.  Homeowners can rest easy knowing that UHE has taken care of all the necessary paperwork.

United Home Experts recommends Marvin fiberglass windows and Marvin wood framed windows, not only for andersentheir authentic appearance but because both windows have among the highest Energy Star ratings and will save local homeowners potentially hundreds of dollars a year on their heating and cooling bills.

One final thought.  Many local contractors hire their window installers on an as-needed basis, picking them up as day laborers from a local parking lot.  United Home Experts never does this.  UHE’s dedicated window professionals have each been individually trained and each has worked with the company for many years.  And really, which type of installers would you rather have working on your home?

If price is a concern, keep in mind that hiring the #1 replacement window contractor in Shrewsbury is not necessarily more expensive than hiring one of the other contractors.  Marvin fiberglass windows are inexpensive, light weight, easy to install and highly energy efficient.  Marvin’s wood framed windows have one of the highest Energy Star ratings and are also one of the “greenest” choices around.

So why not give the friendly and experienced folks at United Home Experts a call today and find out for yourself just how affordable hiring the very best really is. For more information about our window replacement services, visit our main windows page!

Knowing that one’s home has been upgraded gives homeowners a sense of pride. There are many companies that provide home improvement, but United Home Experts (UHE) outshines them all. There are many great reasons why customers in Boston and its surrounding areas should choose United Home Experts as their choice of quality home improvement company.


Experienced Staff

Whether hiring a siding contractor, roofing specialist, window installer, or painter, one can be sure that UHE provides experts in that field. Unlike other companies, United trains employees in a specific area so that they become an expert in their chosen field. Although employees are trained in every area, they specialize in one area of work, making them experts in that field.  If a homeowner hires a roofing contractor from United Home Experts, they can be confident that the contractor will be an ace in the roofing business.

Knowledgeable About the Area

Homes in the greater Boston area require specific care. Winters can be harsh on a home’s exteriors and roofing. Living in coastal areas also comes with its own special issues for homes. Having a local company that understands the needs of local homeowners helps get the job done right the first time, with less worry.

Great Prices

A comparison of prices for home repairs and improvements results in varied estimates. The staff at United Home Experts are more than happy to provide an estimate, providing fair and detailed pricing of any improvement to a home. Times are tough, and it’s great to know that some companies offer reasonable prices in these harsh economic times.

Great Customer Service

Hundreds of local customers attest to their satisfaction with the service level they have received from United Home Experts. Homeowners comment that customer service is top-notch, work performed is excellent, and that they and their homes are treated with respect. Many homeowners return time and time again to have UHE work on their homes.

Some of the comments left by customers include statements that the work was completed in less time than expected, and that they were pleased with the professionalism of the workers. Also, many state they will use UHE for any future home repairs. Knowing that others rely on and trust United Home makes the job of hunting for a remodeling company that much easier. UHE is a trusted and reliable home improvement company for those living in the Boston and surrounding area.

For any home repair or improvement job, contact UHE for professional and reliable work. Hundreds of other customers are glad they relied on United Home Experts.