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Here’s a great article from our friends at emergency Response Plumbing and Heating in Rhode Island.tankless water heater installation

Benefits Going with a High Efficiency Water Heater!

As a homeowner, you are always looking to save money any time you remodel. One popular option you might be considering is an energy-efficient water heater. Often referred to as tankless heaters, these systems give you more flexibility in home design and construction.

So what is it about these water heaters that’s making them so darn popular? With water heating costs averaging about 30 percent of a home’s energy costs, more energy-efficient systems have the potential to save you some serious cash.

  • Endless hot water. Because these ‘tankless’ systems heat water on demand, you never have to worry about those long showers. And,since there’s no water-filled tank continually heating, these systems are running more efficiently.
  • Technology. Energy-efficient heaters utilize computer chips to regulate water flow and energy usage.
  • Flexible installation. By design, these water heaters take up much less space and are easier to place closer to interior bathrooms.
  • Less leaks. Hard water minerals and sediment collect at the bottom of water tanks; tankless systems eliminate this problem all together. Really, you don’t want hot water leaking throughout your home.

If you are considering a remodel and want to investigate energy-efficient water heaters, contact your local professional plumber. Their working knowledge of the latest energy-saving water heaters is an invaluable asset and can help save you even more money.

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