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Some towns are famous for their Boot Hill, but Medway is famous for its Rabbit Hill.  As anyone in Medway can tell you, the Rabbit Hill Historical District is just jam-packed with rabbits of all kinds and contains almost 60 buildings which were built in the early part of the last century.  Rabbit Hill is also a great location for hikers.

Obviously these historic buildings need special loving care, but the truth is, so do all the wonderful homes in IntegrityBedroomWindow-resized-600Medway.  One of the ways local homeowners keep their property looking authentic while keeping pace with the latest Energy Star innovations is by replacing their old energy-wasting windows with new, high-energy-efficiency windows, especially the latest fiberglass windows and wood framed windows from the Marvin line of quality windows.

It takes a great deal to impress the people of Medway.  When it comes to window replacement in Medway one of the things which most impresses local homeowners is a window contractor who is well known and who has a great reputation.  Homeowners also want someone who knows everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings and replacement windows, since saving energy (and saving on utility bills) is very important. You can also claim up to a $500 credit on your tax bill.

Of course, in order for someone to have a strong local rep that means they will have had to have installed hundreds of windows locally and know local building codes and permits regulations like they know the back of their hand.

There are not many window replacement contractors who measure up around Medway.  In fact, one of the only SHBeautyInterior-resized-600ones who do is United Home Experts.

United Home Experts has installed more replacement windows in the Medway area than just about anyone else so they not only have hundreds of local references they can show you, but they also know everything there is to know about local building codes and permits.

Just leave all the paperwork to the professionals at UHE.

United Home Experts also knows Energy Star ratings up one side and down the other.  They only install the highest quality fiberglass windows or wood frame windows by the Marvin Window Company, one of the recognized world-leaders in energy efficient windows.  The fiberglass windows have the look of genuine wood, never need painting, are lightweight and are priced right.  Marvin wood framed windows are solid with that terrific old-world charm and have one of the highest Energy Star ratings there is.

One last thing to keep in mind as you conclude your research for a window installer.  Many local window contractors hire their installers on a day-to-day basis, picking them up every morning at a local home center parking lot.  Not United Home Experts.  Their window installers have been with the company for years and each and every one of them is expertly-trained and a true craftsman. Which installers would you rather have?

Naturally price matters and most people would assume that the best replacement window installers would also be the most expensive, but that is not necessarily the case.  United Home Experts installs more windows than just about anyone else, which allows them to keep their prices quite reasonable.  So give them a call – and find out just how affordable the very best window installers really are.


One thing the people of Medway take seriously is their football and the town’s pride was certainly enhanced when the New England Intensity of the Woman’s Football League choose Medway’s Hanlon Field as the venue for all of their home games.

Of course, football is only one thing the people of Medway take seriously.  Homeowners here in Medway also take great pride in the way their homes look, knowing that the way a home looks reflects the pride which people have in their town.  Naturally homeowners want their home’s roof to reflect their pride of ownership.  After all, a home’s roof is one of the first things anyone notices about a home.  A well-maintained roof not only reflects pride of ownership, it also increases a home’s value.

But being a roofer in Medway is not easy.  Medway homeowners demand a lot from a roofing contractor.  For CTR00PREPDNLR0001Bexample, homeowners here want a new roof that is guaranteed to last a lifetime – after all, who wants the aggravation and the expense of putting on a new roof a second time?

That means that any roofer in Medway has to use the very best shingles and other roofing materials manufactured by the Certainteed Corporation, the world leader when it comes to roofing products.  Nothing less will do.

And it almost goes without saying that any roofing contractor worth his salt would need to have an extremely good local reputation.  That means a local roofer would need to have roofed lots of homes in Medway and have literally hundreds of satisfied customers.

How many roofing contractors here in Medway meet all of those criteria?  Not many.  One that does is United ctr00prepdnlr0001mHome Experts.  They have put new roofs on more homes here in Medway than probably anyone else.  They have literally hundreds of happy, satisfied customers in their files who would gladly recommend them.

One reason United Home Experts has so many loyal fans here in Medway is because they offer a 100% unconditional guarantee on their roofs – including labor.  That means that local homeowners never have to even think about a new roof again for as long as they live.  Talk with one of UHE’s expert roofing counselors for full details.

There is only one way any company can offer a lifetime guarantee on a roof and that is because they use only the certainteedlogo150dpik-resized-600 (1)very best shingles, flashing and water-tight barriers manufactured by the Certainteed Corporation.  UHE knows the importance of using only the best materials just as well as you do.

Two final thoughts.  First, are you particular about the people who work on your home?  You should be.  The roof installers who work for United Home Experts have been with the company, in many cases, for years.  Each and every one of them has been meticulously trained.  But some of UHE’s competitors hire their roof installers on a per-day basis, picking them up each morning from some local parking lot.  Are these really the people you want around your home and your family?

Finally there is the matter of cost.  Everyone wants a deal and hiring the #1 roofing contractor in Medway seems like it would cost an arm and a leg.  But it doesn’t.  Why?  Because United Home Experts roofs more homes than just about anyone in the entire Northeast.  That means they buy their materials by the boatload at deeply discounted prices.  United Home Experts passes those savings on to the homeowners here in Medway, making it totally affordable for homeowners here to hire the very best roofer in the entire area.

Give us a call today and find out for yourself just how affordable the very best can be. For more information about our roofing services, visit our main roofing page!

To schedule your free estimate, give us a call at 508-881-8555.


The people of Medway are always looking for ways to show their pride.  One way they do that is to help out our troops overseas and their families, and probably the best way to show their support is through the Trivia for Troops auction and raffle at the VFW Post 1526 down on Holliston Street.  Donations are accepted at all times of the year or you can sign up for the annual Trivia for Troops drive.

Another way Medway homeowners show their support for this great town of ours is the way they keep their homes looking so sharp.  One thing many homes can use is new low maintenance siding.  New siding makes anylogo-resized-600 home look well-kept and demonstrates pride of ownership.

Naturally any siding contractor here in Medway needs to offer a low maintenance siding that lasts virtually InstallationCloseforever since no one wants to re-side a home more than once.  That requires a Medway siding contractor who has great equipment that is well maintained and it means a contractor who is expert at tall buildings as well as working in small, tight spaces.

It also means a siding contractor who knows everything there is to know about Energy Star ratings and a contractor who is well-known and well-respected locally.

That is a lot to ask for.  Fortunately there is one siding contractor in Medway who can fill all of those rather formidable requirements.  United Home Experts has replaced the siding for more homes here in Medway than probably anyone else.

United Home Experts has all of their own equipment and they are experts when it comes to working on tall structures and in working in tight, cramped spaces.  United Home Expert’s low maintenance siding means you never have to worry about your siding again as long as you own your home.  A once-yearly hosing and your siding is good to go, almost forever.  No one is better or has more experience than UHE.

When it comes to understanding Energy Star ratings no siding contractor in Medway has more experience than UHE.  Putting the right siding on a home – and installing it correctly – can save a homeowner literally hundreds of dollars a year on heating and cooling costs, and those savings just keep adding up year after year.

The only way United Home Experts can offer everything they do is because of the skill and the experience of theirBlog-Photo14 installers.  Most of their installers have been with the company for many years, and each and every one of them is expertly trained and highly skilled.  Unfortunately many of UHE’s competitors don’t share United Home Experts’ drive for excellence when it comes to installing siding.  Many siding contractors in Medway hire their day workers on a per-job basis from the local home center parking lot.  Is that really the type of people you want working on your home?

Naturally everyone wants a low price when it comes to re-siding a home.  Most people would not think that the best siding company in Medway could also be one of the most reasonably priced – but think about it.  UHE sides more homes than just about anyone in the Medway area.  That means they get the best price around on their siding material and they can pass those savings on to their customers.  So check them out.  Find out for yourself how affordable it is to hire the very best siding contractors here in Medway. For more information about our siding services, please visit our main siding page!

Knowing that one’s home has been upgraded gives homeowners a sense of pride. There are many companies that provide home improvement, but United Home Experts (UHE) outshines them all. There are many great reasons why customers in Boston and its surrounding areas should choose United Home Experts as their choice of quality home improvement company.


Experienced Staff

Whether hiring a siding contractor, roofing specialist, window installer, or painter, one can be sure that UHE provides experts in that field. Unlike other companies, United trains employees in a specific area so that they become an expert in their chosen field. Although employees are trained in every area, they specialize in one area of work, making them experts in that field.  If a homeowner hires a roofing contractor from United Home Experts, they can be confident that the contractor will be an ace in the roofing business.

Knowledgeable About the Area

Homes in the greater Boston area require specific care. Winters can be harsh on a home’s exteriors and roofing. Living in coastal areas also comes with its own special issues for homes. Having a local company that understands the needs of local homeowners helps get the job done right the first time, with less worry.

Great Prices

A comparison of prices for home repairs and improvements results in varied estimates. The staff at United Home Experts are more than happy to provide an estimate, providing fair and detailed pricing of any improvement to a home. Times are tough, and it’s great to know that some companies offer reasonable prices in these harsh economic times.

Great Customer Service

Hundreds of local customers attest to their satisfaction with the service level they have received from United Home Experts. Homeowners comment that customer service is top-notch, work performed is excellent, and that they and their homes are treated with respect. Many homeowners return time and time again to have UHE work on their homes.

Some of the comments left by customers include statements that the work was completed in less time than expected, and that they were pleased with the professionalism of the workers. Also, many state they will use UHE for any future home repairs. Knowing that others rely on and trust United Home makes the job of hunting for a remodeling company that much easier. UHE is a trusted and reliable home improvement company for those living in the Boston and surrounding area.

For any home repair or improvement job, contact UHE for professional and reliable work. Hundreds of other customers are glad they relied on United Home Experts.

Looking for a siding company in Medway, MA?  You’re in the right place. UHE supplies and installs Vinyl, Wood, Polymeric, and Cement board siding in Medway and the surrounding region.  At United we offer exterior siding options that fit all budgets and also make available financing options to help make your project more affordable.  For information about our siding products, keep reading.  To request a free estimation for your new siding just follow this link or follow the button in the side column.

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vinyl siding thumbnail2Regular vinyl siding is a common alternative for some individuals. Vinyl is low maintenance, and is available in a range of options, shapes, components, and patterns.  Our company, United has produced a lot of vinyl siding jobs in Medway, Massachusetts. The kinds of vinyl systems we install are:
• Foam-backed vinyl siding
• Cedar Shingle Style Vinyl Shingles
• Standard vinyl siding
• Vinyl Shutters, Soffits, Aluminum Fascia, Door Accessories, Decorative Headers and Other Accessories

fiber cement thumbnail1UHE focuses on Cement Board Siding.  Fiber Cement Board Siding is a well-constructed, low maintenance material that’s just right for the environment in Medway,MA and New England.  Over the past decade, United Home Experts has performed several hundred Fiber Cement Board Siding projects in Eastern New England, including some in your town of Medway.  For additional information about our FCboard Siding services:More on Fiber Cement Siding


cedar thumbnailDespite the fact that it’s not as preferred as it used to be quite a few homes in Medway, Mass still have Red Cedar Siding or Cedar Shingles.  At UHE we feel there is a use for every  forms of siding including Wood Clapboard & Shingle Siding.  Our company, United has been renovating and providing installation of Red Cedar Siding & Cedar Shingles in the Medway vicinity and surrounding regions for more than 12 years

More on Cedar Siding and Shingles