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Thank you to Anne Marie DiMatteo for contributing this article to our blog! If you live in the Boston area check out Moodscapes LLC at: http://www.moodscapesdesign.com/

A Clemson University study found that landscaping could result in more than a 100% return on investment. The return on investment is contingent upon the quality of the landscape design and installation project and company. It’s important that you find the right landscape designer for your project and use only high-quality materials. One hundred $10 plants purchased at the local hardware store doesn’t have the same value as ten $100 plants purchased by a professional from a local garden nursery.

Whether you are planning on selling your home or just impressing family and friends, curb appeal is their first impression.

3 Important Factors for Enhancing Curb Appeal

1. Pathway- Create an inviting front entrance by choosing colorful and fragrant plants that welcome everyone into the house. An easy to follow path with quality and well maintained brick or stone increases functionality of the front yard. The pathway below was created to navigate guests along a curved walkway to the front porch that was surrounded with fragrant and colorful plants.


2. Privacy- Plan out the placement of larger trees and shrubs in the front yard in order to get the most shade and privacy from them. Large trees and shrubs can also reduce the noise level from traffic and neighbors. The evergreen border below is an easy to look at natural, sustainable fence.


3. Paint- A fresh coat of paint on the front door, shutters, and house will always attract more people into a home. If you are trying to sell your house this season, it is especially important to fix all chipping paint (inside and outside) before the house goes on the market.

If you are not looking to hire a professional landscape designer this season, and just want to freshen up your existing landscape we have a few helpful tips. Simple ways to increase curb appeal are through maintenace of garden beds, grass, tres and shrubs.

  • Weeding and mulching existing garden beds as well as keeping grass groomed appropriately is comforting to others, especially neighbors.
  • It is also important to prune and trim all trees and shrubs accordingly for a healthy and sustainable landscape and garden.

If you are considering hiring a professional landscape designer, the first step is to set up a consultation. Meeting with a local professional, will result in optimal usage of your yard, money and time. Make sure to tell the professional about any future plans of selling your home so he or she can choose the best plants and design to optimize your money and increase property value.

To better understand the landscape design process, download our free guide that takes you through all the steps of hiring a professional landscape designer to help you decide if its right for you.