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Interior cabinet organization is a must for every new kitchen. In addition to reducing clutter, having your items easy to find, will help make cooking more enjoyable.  Items should be stored in the first or last point of use,  being easily removed with out having to remove other items first.

Here are 10 of the most requested kitchen cabinet storage ideas:

1. Shallow Depth PantryPAntry

If there is a refrigerator at the end of a cabinetry run, a 9″ deep pantry mounted sideways is a better use of space than the typical 3/4″ end panel.  This pantry features a magnetic white board, pencil holder, coat hooks and a charging station.

charging2.  Electronic Charging Stations

Cell phones have become a standard feature for everyone – young and old  alike.  On the market are various types of chargers for a desk.  This model fits inside a cabinet, along with the keys and backpacks, to help prevent themfrom being forgotten on the morning rush out the door.

3.  Tray Dividers – Although not a new item, it is still a necessity for every kitchen.  These can be used for cutting boards in a basetrays cabinet next to the prep sink, or for cookie sheets above the tall ovens.

base spice4. Base & Wall Pullouts – Typically 3″ or 6″ wide, these spice/oil cabinets fit perfect in the small spaces that can occur in a kitchen plan.  The ideal location is right next to the cook top or range.

5.  Dry Food Storage  – The best use of this cabinet is full depth, full extension rollouts.  While some food pantrycompanies make door racks for smaller items, such as cans, they often can’t open all the way, due to adjacent cabinetry. Keep this simple by adding height adjustable rollouts and place all the dry goods in 1 location.

super6.  Super Cabinet – at 36″ wide, with the rollouts and door racks, all small and hand held appliances can be neatly organized in one spot.

7.  Recycle Bins – Compactors have fallen out of fashion with my clients.  Recycle bins arerecycle constantly being requested, with a minimum of two.  While the large city issued bins are typically stored in the garage, who wants to walk there very time there is a container to dispose?  An 18″ cabinet can handle 2 – 36 quart containers.

tiered cutlery8.  Tiered Cutlery Divider – Every day flatware and cooking utensils can be easily separated and kept handy to the eating area with this solution.  Especially useful for a kitchen with only the minimum of 7 drawers total.

9. Cookbook Recipe Organizer  – Keep your commonly used cookbooks free from flour with this cabinet storagecookbook and under cabinet rack.  All baking ingredients can easily be kept on these shelves.

spce10.  Spice Drawer – keeps all the smaller bottles and tins in one location.  Not an ideal solution if you purchase larger bottles, or buy in bulk.  Best location is in the prep area.

What are your favorite kitchen features?  Any special storage solutions that you are looking for?

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Frequently homeowners contact us wondering if their siding can be painted or if it’s in such disrepair that it should be replaced. As a company who offers both solutions, we’re often able to customize an unbiased recommendation based on each individual home, and the homeowners desire.

In this video, Tod and Todd of Weather Tight Corp in Milwaukee do a great job explaining when it’s time to replace your siding versus just painting it.

Weather Tight is one of the premier Siding Contractors in Milwaukee. This and other videos are viewable on their Siding Blog.