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The United Home Experts (unitedhomeexperts.com) home remodeling and painting contractors in the eastern New England states have been a Boston Better Business Bureau accredited company since 2001.  Eleven years of accreditation by an entity as prestigious as the BBB is indeed a worthy recommendation for the work they do throughout New England.  This article will concentrate on the painting-contracting segment of United Home Experts.

Painted exteriors of homes in the New England states are plagued with mildew, blistering and chalking.  United Home Experts solves each of these problems in the following manner.


Mildew is a fungus that feeds and thrives on painted surfaces.  The fungus is found under eaves and soffits and can be colored grey, black, green or brown.  Since there is no direct sunlight under eaves and soffits, the fungus is encouraged to grow.

The BBB contractor, United Home Experts, will clean the infected area thoroughly with a trisodium sulfate solution or a mixture of bleach and water.  They will then prime the area properly prior to repainting.


Blistering is bubbling beneath the paint.  The blisters result from vapor rising during the painting process when sunlight heats up the painted surface.

The solution to blistering is to scrape the paint off the blistered areas.  The surface must be allowed to dry thoroughly and then repainted at a time when there is no direct sunlight.


Chalking is the powdery substance on a painted surface.  This is caused by sunlight and may be completely washed away during the rainy season.

If the chalking is significant, however, it may be because there was too much thinner in the paint mixture, interior paint was used on the exterior of the home, or the surface was not properly sealed before the paint was put on.

If the rain does not wash away the chalky residue, power washing will successfully get rid of it. The professionals at United Home Experts would have avoided this problem altogether by using the correct paint and painting procedures at the onset of the project.

This BBB contractor offers full home remodeling services, from siding to windows to roofing, along with the painting segment of their business.  They are able to answer the homeowners’ questions sincerely and accurately and offer them a large variety of remodeling components in a range of styles, materials, colors and costs.

Add to this the professional advice and workmanship available and it is not difficult to determine how they arrived at and have maintained the coveted Boston BBB accreditation for over a decade.