Insurance Claim & Storm Damage Roofing

When a roof takes on damage from a natural disaster, a homeowner often opts to have it fixed through insurance per their coverage. The insurance claims process involves having an adjuster review the damage and determine the amount due to you to help with the expense of repairing or replacing your damaged roof.

But insurance companies and adjusters motivations are different than what is actually best for the homeowner. With insurance companies motivated to pay a homeowner the minimum amount to cover the depreciated value of their roof, homeowners are left paying more out of pocket than they should. Plus, an adjuster may not know how to identify the full extent of roof damage, most of which is not visible from the ground or know the roofing codes to quote what is required to replace a roof up to code. Not to mention, insurance coverage is complex and most of us don’t know what’s detailed in a typical 90+ page insurance policy.

United can help. We work on behalf of the homeowner, not the insurance company. And as professional roofers, we can help you file your claim to get the maximum return for your roof replacement – and fast!

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