Our Painting Projects


0008DavisBrockton8What We Did

  • Norandex Reynolds® windows
  • FC® fiber cement siding
  • Tyvek® house wrap
  • PVC trim
  • Sherwin Williams® Resilience paint





0008DavisBrockton1This customer contacted up because the paint on their home was no longer holding and they wanted a painter or a contractor to help remedy the problem. They were also interested in replacing their windows with more energy efficient windows. Here you can see a before picture.






0008DavisBrockton2We began this project by removing all the current siding and shingles. Then we removed 25 windows and replaced them with new Norandex Reynolds® 3000 windows. Our carpenters specialize in siding installation and window replacement. And our painters handle the painting.







0008Picture010After we replaced the windows, we wrapped the home with Tyvek® house wrap to protect the home from water damage. Then we installed FC® Plank pre-primed Cedarmill style fiber cement siding. And around the front turret and the gable ends of the home we installed staggering FC® fiber cement shingles. We also installed new PVC trim, window frames, door frames and corner boards.






0008DavisBrockton6After installing the new siding, we scraped and sanded the porch because the paint was peeling very badly. Then we primed the porch and painted it with 2 coats of latex paint. We painted the rest of the house with Sherwin Williams® Resilience paint. Here you can see the before picture of the porch ceiling.







0008DavisBrockton7Here you can see the new porch ceiling we installed.









0008DavisBrockton5Another after picture. This customer was very happy they hired us as their fiber cement siding contractor.