Our Roofing Projects


2SmallHydrenStowafter2 (1)What We Did

  • Replaced the existing roofing, flashings and underlayment
  • Removal and replacement of 9 skylights
  • Framing for 2 Velux skylights
  • Releading of the chimney base




HydrenStowbefore2This 1984 house in Rowley, MA has many leaks around the skylights. The customers knew they needed to change out the skylights and the roof to insure there house was well protected from any further water damage. This was a more difficult project than usual because there were many skylights that needed to be replaced and some framing that needed to be done. We made a double skylight into a single because of sizing limitations from Velux, the manufacturer. We finished off the interior and the customer was very pleased with the outcome.




HydrenStowbefore3We removed all of the existing shingles, flashings and backing paper from the original roof that was put up when the house was built in 1984. The roof was over 30 squares (3000 square feet), so it filled the dumpster easily.






HydrenStowbefore1After replacing the skylights, we releaded the massive chimney base on the right side of the house. This chimney was in bad shape because it was actually made from paver stones, which are normally used for driveways. This is not the best material for a chimney, but we made sure it was sealed properly from any roof water issues.





HydrenStowafter1Next we installed 6 feet of Certainteed® Winterguard ice and water shield from all the edges and in all the valleys. Also, we put this ice and water barrier around all the skylights to insure protection from the water. We then installed an 8 inch drip edge around all of the edges of the house for further protection from water. This was followed by the installation of Certainteed’s Roofers Select, their 30lb. felt underlayment used as a secondary barrier from leaks.





HydrenStowafter3Finally, the shingles were installed on the home. The customer chose Certainteed® Landmark Premium Shingles, which carry a lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. They choose a new color, which was Landmark Premium’s Max Def Burnt Sienna, which complemented there brownish, red house nicely.





2SmallHydrenStowafter2 (1)Overall these customers were extremely happy with the way the project turned out. It was completed within one week of working days and with the quality they expected. They interviewed many contractors and roofers in Rowley and the surrounding area and chose us because they thought they would get the best installation and service and we did not disappoint them.