There is a distinct difference between paint and wood stain in theirchemical makeup as well as the circumstances under which each should be used.  There are also at least as many differences in wood stain types as there are in types of paint.  One simple, general rule for choosing between stain and paint for covering […]

The homeowner considering residing a home is faced with more than half a dozen choices as to the material that should be used.  The decision that the homeowner ultimately makes is an important one because a home is probably the biggest investment a person makes, and the choice of a siding which will protect that […]

Exterior paint is subject to any number of events that can ruin its beauty and effectiveness.  There is good reason to pay strict attention to the preparation, type and application of the exterior painting project.  Paint is the home exterior’s first line of defense against the elements.  The proper surface preparation and paint application are […]

There are many events in daily life that can damage the beauty of a home’s interior paint.  Following is a list of some of the most frequent types of interior painting flaws, along with their causes, how they can be repaired and the supplies required for each instance of damage. Peeling Paint The peeling paint […]

Flashing is a continuous series of thin pieces of sheet metal or other waterproof material that is installed to keep water from getting into a building from a vulnerable angle or joint. It typically operates under the principle that, in order for water to get through a joint, it must fight against gravity and work […]

No industry, including the painting trade, can afford to stand still for long. One of the few constants is that everything changes. While many factors, some seemingly obscure, affect the public’s color choices and painting trends in indoor paint for the year, the one thing that most painting experts agree on is that for the […]

Bay windows extend outward from the wall of the structure, creating a nook in the interior of the room.  The windows are generally located on the first level of the building and may extend all the way to the ground below. Bay window styles and designs are numerous and each of them adds distinctive architectural interest […]