What We Did

  • Wood Window Replacement (Trimline®)
  • Moldings
  • Interior Painting

This condo unit in Boston had windows that were replaced in the 70’s. These windows were out of date, did not conform the historical regulations for Commonwealth Ave and did nothing to insulate the interior from the elements. In addition, the windows that the historical commission approved had to be black exterior, true divided lite, real wood (not clad) windows. Additionally, they were over 90″ tall. The owners decided to call us for help.

We removed the old low grade aluminum windows and installed new custom made double paned, low E glass, wood windows and trim that matched the existing.

To finish up our painters primed and painted the windows in our shop and applied another field coat after the installation. The interior was painted linen white semi gloss. The exterior was painted black satin. Now the condo unit is up to code, very well insulated, and blends in well with the rest of the building and neighborhood.

Another After Picture