What We Did


  • Removed and Replaced Exterior Cedar Siding
  • Installed FC Select Cedar Mill Clap Boards
  • Installed FC Fiber Cement Shingles
  • Installed Cellular PVC trim
  • Installed exterior wood trim
  • Installed Cedar Siding Clapboards and Cedar shingles
  • Painted with Sherwin Williams Resilience Paint
  • Simonton Generations Windows

This contemporary style house is over 100 years old and in need of special attention. Some sections of the cedar siding was rotten and had rotten trim.

Other sections of the cedar siding was in good shape and needed some good preparation and exterior painting.

The customers had a hard time finding one local contracting company that would replace windows, replace sections of cedar siding, repair rotten trim, and complete the exterior house painting. The goal was to replace what was necessary but they did not want complete siding replacement. They were thrilled to know that as a local contractor, United could handle all aspects of the exterior contracting project providing exactly what they needed in exterior solutions.

We first identified failing siding sections and removed rotten siding and rotten trim. On the tall peaks the customer wanted a low maintenance solution to achieve the look of natural cedar shingles without the need for repainting. We installed FC Fiber Cement shingles and painted them to match the house color. They also wanted a very durable clapboard product they could use for their front entrance that would stand up against abuse. We installed FC Fiber cement clapboard siding because they wanted to look like natural cedar siding, but wanted low maintenance. Where we removed the cedar clapboard siding and cedar shingles we installed a layer of Tyvek Home Wrap to protect against wind and moisture infiltration. As local siding contractors in Massachusetts we are experienced in removing all types of siding from Cedar clapboard, to aluminum siding, to asphalt shingle siding, to asbestos siding and everything in between.

We were able to maintain the original character and charm by replicating the original architecture of the property. After wrapping the sections of the house with a moisture barrier, Tyvek® Homewrap, and installing the siding, our painters did a thorough scraping, sanding and priming of the house to get it ready for exterior painting. In Massachusetts, you need to take special care to proper preparation of wood siding so that the exterior paint will hold. As local painting contractors we guarantee our exterior paint project for up to 2 years with a written paint warranty.

To complement their new low-maintenance siding, we installed low maintenance cellular PVC trim where the old rotten trim was. This trim, sometimes referred to as Azek trim boards or Tuff Board, is designed to look like a smooth fresh milled piece of high quality pine. To achieve the look the customers were after, we used decorative trim with some contoured detail that really finished the house. As a Massachusetts window installer we were able to provide very affordable replacement windows made by Simonton. The customer wanted an affordable replacement window for their third floor attic. We offered quality vinyl replacement windows to help with energy efficiency. The customer was very satisfied with this solution.

This Framingham, MA couple was able to maintain the original construction style and look of their home and was very happy with their beautiful new home. They were thrilled to find a siding company, painters, and window installers, all under one local contracting company. They said they were very happy with United and recommend us as a favorite local contractor in Massachusetts. Even the architect down the street was amazed with the detail work.