What We Did


  • FC® Fiber-Cement Siding
  • Exterior Painting
  • Carpentry 
  • Mouldings

This home owner in Andover had alot of peeling paint on the right side of their home because the old wood siding would no linger hold any type of paint. After having United take a loot at it for them they decided to reside their home with FC Plank® Pre-primed Siding and paint all the exterior of their home.


 First we started by removing the existing gutters and stripped off 1 layer of wood clapboards. Then United installed blown insulation for all areas with loose insulation to make their home more energy effecient. Afterward we repaired and replaced some rotted areas of sheathing.


 Next we applied all new Tyvek® home wrap, aluminum drip caps for windows/door trim flashing, and stainless Ring-Shank siding fasteners. After, we installed FC® Pre-primed fiber cement siding to the right side of the home. We also incorporated new cellular PVC to flat window casings, flat corner boards, fascia and soffit panels and rake boards.


The next part of the project was the exterior painting. We first power washed the old siding. Then we caulked all cracked or loose areas to ensure the paint would hold. Next we applied primer to the home. Finally we applied two coats of Sherwin Williams® acrylic stain to the whole house. We also painted frames, posts and all doors.

The customers were very pleased with the new look of their home.