What We Did

What we used:


  • FC® fiber cement siding
  • Sherwin Williams® Resilience paint
  • Tyvek® house wrap
  • Ice & Water Shield®

This customer called us because the paint was no longer holding to the wood siding. It was beginning to fade and chip and they wanted a new siding that would be low maintenance with the look of wood.

We began this project by removing all the existing siding, flashing and backing paper. Then we installed new Tyvek® house wrap around the home and installed Ice & Water Shield® around the window and door frames.

This customer chose new pre-primed FC® fiber cement siding as their new siding. They chose the select Cedarmill Woodgrain style. We also installed new PVC trim, then we painted the whole home with Sherwin Williams® Resilience paint.

We often come across customers debating whether to hire a painter or a siding contractor. It’s our policy to present them the options and help them decide what the best solution is.