What We Did


  • FC Plank® 5 ¼” Cedarmill
  • Azek® Tuffboard
  • Cellular PVC trim
  • Simonton Generations®
  • Seamless Gutters
  • New Vinyl Shutters

This homeowner had multiple jobs that needed to be done to the house and decided to do them all at once. They were in seach of a contractor that had specialized painters, siding installers, and window installers. For one, they had 11 windows and a sliding glass patio door that needed to be replaced.

They also wanted to replace their wood siding that was discolored and was beyond power washing or painting over.

We began this job by removing the existing windows and window trim and installed new Simonton Generations® triple pane replacement windows with white exterior and wood interior.

We also removed the sliding glass door on the patio and replaced it with a Simonton Generations® slider.

We then removed all the existing siding and wrapped the home in Tyvek® wrap to further protect the house. The homeowners wanted to re-side the house with a material that would last a long time so they wouldn’t be bringing in a painter every 2 years. They also wanted the look of wood, so they chose FC Plank Cedarmill 5 ¼” siding.

We also installed 9 pairs of new vinyl shutters, installed new seamless gutters, replaced the flashing, soffits and fascia. Then our painters finished the job by painting the house with Sherwin Williams® paint.

The customers were very impressed, not only with the quality of work we did, but also with the customer service they received. “I am very impressed with your crew; talented and hardworking! I liked that I was asked how I wanted certain things done and then given options and helpful explanations from the crew. We will be calling in the near future to arrange for an interior job!!!”