What We Did


  • FC® Fiber cement siding
  • Tyvek® House wrap
  • Sherwin Williams paint

This customer contacted us because the paint on the back of their house was no longer holding to the siding. Even the best painter couldn’t solve this problem.

Because the siding on the rest of the home was in good shape, they decided it would make more sense just to replace the siding on the back of the house. As siding contractors in massachusetts we have to be flexible with the siding options we offer our customers. Different sidings are suitable for different towns and neighborhoods.

We began this project by removing the existing siding from the back of the house. Then we installed Tyvek® HomeWrap paper to protect the home from the rain and snow.

Then we installed new FC FC pre-primed fiber cement siding in the Cedarmill style.

After installing the new siding, we painted in with Sherwin Williams® paint. It’s nice to be able to offer customers siding and painting so they don’t have to hire another painter.