What We Did


  • Cedar Clapboards
  • Seamless Aluminum gutters
  • Tyvek house wrap
  • Sherwin Williams® paint

This customer contacted us because the masonite siding they had on their house was not holding paint and they were looking for a wood siding contractor to install new cedar clapboards.

We began this project by stripping existing siding and wrapping the house in Tyvek® house wrap.

After wrapping the home and properly prepping it we installed the new siding. The customer chose pre-primed red cedar clapboards to replace the masonite siding. As a siding contractor in Massachusetts we need to offer many siding options that fit into different neighborhoods.

We also installed new cellular PVC trim and replaced the existing gutters with new Seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts. Then we painted the entire house with Sherwin Williams® paint. This customer was very happy they could work with a siding contractor and painter all at once.