Composite Siding in Plainville, MA 02762

Above you can see a great example of some of the work we can do with Composite Siding in Plainville, MA 02762. On this particular home, the homeowner chose to go with the 7″ Exposure in Chestnut.

The first step in the process is to strip down the existing siding down to the sheathing. After that, our crews started the process of mounting materials onto the side of the home.

In addition to installing new siding at this Plainville, MA home, we’re also proud to have installed new trim!

Plainville, MA 02762

One of our Senior Estimators met with this couple and over the course of discussion helped them narrow down their siding options. They arrived at a consensus of using Everlast. Several weeks later we arrived and stripped the existing wood siding, installed new house wrap followed by chestnut colored Everlast Composite Siding. After some miscellaneous carpentry and re-staining their decks, the project was complete and the home transformed!

  • Siding Used: Everlast Composite Siding.
  • Siding Color:  Chestnut.
  • Style: 7-inch.
  • PVC Trim Lineals.
  • Everwrap Moisture Barrier.