Composite Siding in Lincoln, RI 02802

Above you can see a great example of some of the work we can do with Composite Siding in Lincoln, RI 02802. On this particular home, the homeowner chose to go with the 7″ Exposure in Misty Taupe.

The first step in the process is to strip down the existing siding down to the sheathing. After that, our crews started the process of mounting materials onto the side of the home.

Several years prior, we had painted this home in Lincoln, RI and when it came time to paint it again the homeowners simply decided just to replace the siding.

Lincoln, RI 02802

Several years ago we painted this home in Lincoln RI and when it came time to paint it again the homeowners decided to look into new siding. Originally they were interested in installing vinyl siding, cedar clapboard or fiber cement because they knew no other option, but once they were introduced to Everlast, they were convinced that Everlast was the right decision.

All of their siding required removal, their old cedar shingles and clapboards were peeling and were rotting. In this particular case it made sense to replace all of their windows with Simonton Generations windows as well. We also added a new Thermatru back door and replaced the sliding patio door.

The end product is dramatic transformation! Misty Taupe Everlast Composite that added incredible curb appeal.

  • Siding Used: Everlast Composite Siding.
  • Siding Color:  Misty Taupe.
  • Style: 7-inch.
  • PVC Trim Lineals.
  • Everwrap Moisture Barrier.
  • Simonton Generations Windows
  • Thermatru Back Door
  • Thermatru Sliding Patio Door