w1Wallpaper products today offer not only a wide variety of patterns, but also a variety of protective coatings. Our years of experience ensure that the wallpaper we install for you will be beautiful and durable for years to come. We are happy to provide free estimates for work and help you purchase the approximate amount of paper for your project.

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You can have the same professional murals adorning the walls of your game-room, bedroom or office!

Basic Wallpaper Categories

The most popular types of wallpaper you will find at your local wallpaper retailer or home improvement store are:

w3Vinyl Coated Paper – this wallpaper has a paper substrate on which the decorative surface has been sprayed or coated with an acrylic type vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These wallpapers are classified as scrub-able and strippable, and are suitable in most any area. These papers are better resistant to grease and moisture than plain paper, and are good for bathrooms and kitchens.

Coated Fabric – this wallpaper has a fabric substrate coated with liquid vinyl or acrylic. The decorative layer is printed on this coating. This is generally considered more “breathable” wallpaper which makes it best for use in low moisture rooms, like living areas.

Paper Backed Vinyl/Solid Sheet Vinyl – this wallpaper has a paper (pulp) substrate laminated to a solid decorative surface. This type of wallpaper is very durable since the decorative surface is a solid sheet of vinyl. It is classified as scrubbable and peelable. Solid sheet vinyl can be used in most areas of the home since it resists moisture and is stain and grease resistant. However, this type of wallpaper will not withstand hard physical abuse (like mudrooms or storage areas).

Fabric Backed Vinyl – this wallpaper has a substrate laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface. General categories of this type of wallpaper include:

  • Solid Vinyl – this wallpaper consists of a vinyl film laminated to a fabric or paper substrate. It is generally considered more durable than fabric-backed or paper-backed vinyls (as listed above) because the vinyl is “solid” or not applied in a liquid form. This type of wallpaper is ideal for consumers looking for a great degree of washability, scrub-ability and durability.
  • Paper – this type of wallpaper refers to wallpaper with a paper substrate/ground combination upon which the decorative layer is printed. True papers are not coated, but some may have a coating applied to seal in the inks. Because this type of wallpaper varies widely, check the label for attributes of the pattern/brand you want to purchase.

Shopping for wallpaper is a task you either love or despise. You might look all day for paper and not find a thing, or you might fall in love with the first wallpaper you see.

Before shopping for wallcoverings, you’ll want to consider where you want to install wallpaper — on every wall, in just part of the room (as on one wall or under a chair rail), or a simple wallpaper border to install on a painted wall.

Gather samples like paint chips (the larger the better), fabric swatches, flooring, tile, etc.

Take these with you when you look for wallpaper. Also take a pad of paper to note book names and style numbers, a pen, small bookmark papers. Your project consultant will be able to tell you exactly how many rolls you will need to purchase.

Why Wallpaper?

w4With so many decorating options, why choose wallpaper?

1. Wallpaper is a great impersonator. It can change the visual appearance of your room in many ways.

 Decide what you want to accomplish in each room in your home. How do you want to feel when you go into a particular room? Wallpaper, like a fine set of clothing helps you make the most of your room’s strong points, while masking its weaker features.


  • brightens a dark room
  • adds character to a dull room
  • warms up a room with no architectural features
  • creates a cozy atmosphere
  • frames the room’s best features

In addition, wallpaper featuring certain patterns such as stripes and overall prints to perform optical illusions that make rooms that ordinarily look too long, too boxy or have low ceilings appear more proportionate.

2. Wallpaper makes the greatest impact in your room, in a single-application.

No other decorating product offers so much color, design and coverage to suit any mood, taste and need.

3. Wallpaper is economical.

Many of today’s wallpaper varieties have a life of seven to ten years. In addition, wallpapers defined as scrub-able may be cleaned with soap, warm water and a gentle sponging— a must in an active household where every square inch of space is used.

w54. Wallpaper sets a theme.

Use it throughout the house. Today’s wallpaper collections are user-friendly, featuring a host of coordinating patterns, borders and color schemes that create a unified design theme throughout your home. Spread some personality in every room!

5. Wallpaper makes the most of your favorite things.

Do you love sailing, golfing, the seashore? Do you collect pipes, dolls, china or impressionistic prints? Frame out a favorite collection or pastime with wallpaper that helps accentuate your favorite things.

6. Wallpaper creates detail where there once was none.

Moved in to a house that has all the personality of a plain white box? Try some wallpaper. Wallpaper is the economical way to add missing architectural elements to your room without hiring a general contractor. Create a chair rail with a wallpaper border. Use a full-wall pattern cut into proportionate shapes to make a paneled effect up a wall leading to a vaulted ceiling. Draw attention to a fireplace focal-point wall by wrapping it with a strong pattern, or create a focal-point wall using the same strong pattern on any blank wall. All it takes is a little imagination.

7. Wallpaper coordinates with the looks you love.

Today’s wallpaper designers have captured virtually every fashion statement popular today from fresh country looks to upscale modern motifs.

8. Wallpaper adds value to your home.

  • Protects the wall surface from marks made by today’s busy family.
  • Provides certain air of quality and richness not found in uncovered walls.
  • An excellent fast-fix for those selling their home. Wallpaper offers a wide range of subtle patterns and colors to neutralize the interior to fit anyone’s style.
  • Adds value to your most important investment. Retail studies show that a tastefully decorated home can attain a 10 to 15 percent increase in property value.

9. Wallpaper is always IN.

Wallpaper is a timeless decorating product. As new styles emerge, wallpaper designers capture it, define it and present it in a variety of color choices. With its ability to capture any style or color scheme, wallpaper helps you express your personality and style – from contemporary to romantic to country or eclectic!


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