Close More Business, Receive a Referral Bonus

The United Home Experts Solar Roofing Referral Program


Being in solar sales you understand some of the hurdles in closing a solar deal. One hurdle in particular, is the condition of your customer’s roof. At United Home Experts we would like to help you clear that hurdle.

United Home Experts is a respected and reputable roofing contractor in MA, RI, and Southern NH.

In some instances your customers will need a new roof before you can close your deal. We’d like to help you close those deals by being your partner and providing a high quality roof to your customer, so that you can close your solar deal with them.


How Does it Work?

In addition to helping you close more business, we’ll also provide a 5% referral bonus to you when we are hired to install a new roof. Here’s how the referral process works:

    1. Call 888-724-6865 to register your referral.
    2. Our appointment setters will schedule an appointment for a free estimate.
    3. One of our estimators will provide a detailed estimate for your customer.
    4. At the time of sale you will  be paid a 2.5% referral bonus.
    5. At the time of job completion you will be paid the remaining 2.5% referral bonus owed to you.
    6. Your customer is ready to install solar panels on their roof!

    A partner who provides roofing services can be invaluable to someone selling solar. Our estimators will serve as a partner reinforcing your value to your customers. So why not align yourself with a respected and reputable roofing contractor like United Home Experts?

    If you’d like more information, please fill out the contact form on this page, or simply call 888-724-6865 and as for more information on our referral program.

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