A lot of homeowners have been wondering which asphalt roof shingle is better, Tamko shingles or those made by CertainTeed.  Many of them have posted their reviews in various forums on the internet.  However, the majority center their comments on one brand only.  Their experience is limited to that particular brand, be it CertainTeed or Tamko.

Research and standardized product testing are more reliable measures.  However, one’s potential satisfaction does not rely solely on how the product performs but also on its warranty and the after-sales service the manufacturer and installer provides to the customer.

Quality And Performance

A study published by Consumer Reports in June 2009 shows that CertainTeed branded shingles are better than their Tamko counterparts.  Both products have similar scores when it came to strength, resilience, and weather resistance.

CertainTeed products were better though at resisting impact damage.  Forces that dented some Tamko roof shingles did not affect comparable CertainTeed shingles.  Furthermore, many CertainTeed asphalt shingles have impact ratings under UL2218, whereas Tamko asphalt shingles remain unrated.

Some Tamko manufacturing sites produce better shingles than other manufacturing sites.  It is thus important to determine which Tamko factory the shingle is coming from.  The quality of CertainTeed shingle is uniform from factory to factory.  The consumer can be sure that the shingle will perform as advertised unless there is a factory defect.  Both companies have been very good at providing replacements for such.


For perspective, two products in the same category are compared, CertainTeed Landmark and Tamko Heritage 30.  Landmark was considered by June 2009 Consumer Reports as the best buy among many other brands including Tamko.  The researchers factored in the quality of the product into the cost to arrive at this conclusion.  Heritage 30, the Tamko equivalent is lighter and nearly 50% more expensive per 100-foot square.  Premium quality roof shingles of both brands reflect the same pattern but the difference in quality is more marginal though.


The warranties offered by both companies depend on the type of shingle.  These range from 25 years to lifetime warranties.  The main difference between them is in the transferability.

The remaining full warranty, materials, and labor, of CertainTeed shingles, can be enjoyed by the new owner if the purchase is made within the SureStart period, about 10 to 15 years from the installation date.  Transfers after the SureStart period are provided with two years’ warranty.

Tamko only provides this type of transferability if the transfer is made within two years from the date of purchase of the roof shingles.  No warranty coverage is given to the new owner if the transfer is done after that two-year period.

Roofer Certification

An indicator that is roofer is a good choice to install a particular roof shingle type is Roofer Certification.  These are the Pro Certified Roofers for Tamko and the ShingleMaster Roofing Contractor for CertainTeed. These roofers offer longer warranties for their respective brands and are trained in how best to install the various products they offer.

CertainTeed goes one better with their SELECT ShingleMaster roofer category. On top of proof that customers are satisfied with their work, SELECT ShingleMaster roofers should also have at least five years’ worth of experience in the roofing business.

Customer Satisfaction

Comparatively speaking, although there are negative feedbacks on both companies, more complaints can be found regarding Tamko products. CertainTeed is also an A+ Rated Better Business Bureau accredited company since 2003 while Tamko has not yet sought such accreditation.


CertainTeed shingles are better than their counterpart Tamko shingles.  They may be comparable in terms of product performance and cost, but CertainTeed has a clear edge in impact resistance.  Also, much more is offered by CertainTeed in terms of the warranty, roofer support, and customer service. For more information about our roofing services, visit our main roofing page!

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Nice article comparing the two shingle type. After reading. I feel better informed to make a decision..certainteed!..thank you for the vomparison.

  2. United Home Experts
    United Home Experts says:

    Thanks for reading, Mark! Good luck with your roofing project and let us know if we can provide any additional information.

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