The 2016 New England Winter Forecast Calls For Cold Weather & Snow Totals That Could Rival Two Years Ago

2016 New England Winter Forecast

winter-forecastHave you seen any of the upcoming forecasts for the winter of 2016-17? If you haven’t I apologize for being the bearer of bad news.

Here in the northeast the forecast calls for frequent snow storms and extended periods of freezing temperatures lasting well into the spring months.

The last time we saw a similar forecast was the winter of 2014-15, one of our worst winters on record. Remember the damage caused to homes that year? Ice dams and leaky roofs became far too common. It was late into the next summer and even fall that we saw homeowners looking to repair or replace their roofs from the damage that occurred during the winter months.

This forecast in particular comes from AccuWeather, an extremely popular national forecasting operation based out of Pennsylvania, so there is hope that other meteorologists come forward with conflicting reports. In the likely event that they do not, we have compiled this list of things your can do to get ready for a cold and snowy winter, hoping that you can make the best out of what would otherwise be considered a devastating look into our near future.

Preparing Your Home For The Cold & Snow Filled 2016 New England Winter Forecast

  • Wax Your Skis

  • Purchase Some Snow Shoes

  • Buy a Generator

  • Pre Cut Some Firewood

  • Take Up An Indoor Hobby

  • Get Your Roof Ready For Heavy Deposits of Snow & Ice

  • Replace Your Drafty Windows

Of course some of these items are tongue and cheek, but when it comes to preparing your home for the winter it’s certainly no laughing matter. As I said earlier, the 2014-15 winter devastated homes across New England. If the forecasts that are coming out about this winter are correct we could see even more damage to homes.

At United we have some resources in place to help you get your home through the winter without worry of damage, increased heating costs, or snow, ice, and water entering your home.

Resources To Prepare Your Home For The 2016 New England Winter

Get A Tune Up On Your Roof

If you’re worried about your roof heading into the winter a great way to make sure any minor issues are repaired is to get a tune up. Much like your car a roof needs regular maintenance, and just like a car you need a professional to do the job right. If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof heading into the winter, check out our different service packages. All of them come with a detailed inspection report that you can’t get anywhere else.

Schedule a Tune Up & Inspection

Replace Your Roof

While a tune up is a great option to get your roof ready for the winter, you may already know that your roof needs to be replaced. Most roofs that have gone beyond the 20 year mark are past the point of small repairs. If you want to get a new roof on your home before the snow starts falling, now is a great time to get an estimate.

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Download Our Window Draft Guide

Drafty windows and doors lead to warm air escaping your home and cold air entering it. Detecting drafts before we get into the dead of winter is the first step in getting your home ready for what’s to come. Once you know whether or not you have drafty windows you can make a decision to either sure these drafts up or have your old windows replaced before they raise your heating costs this winter.

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