The Strength and Beauty of ProVia Doors


Steel is more likely to be used for commercial buildings, but they work in homes too. Steel can be made to look like wood, and these doors come in a variety of stains, colors, and styles for building owners to maintain the uniformity of their aesthetic style. Like fiberglass, they’re made to resist everything from water to vandalism while keeping energy costs down. Maintenance is typically low, though you may need to prime and paint a door to ward off rust if it’s become scratched.

The choice of doors may seem overwhelming, but homeowners can get great advice from the door & window specialists at United Home Experts. These design experts have years of experience here in the northeast and can quickly help a homeowner determine the exact door that complements any portion of a home and the exact door that also fits into the homeowner’s pocketbook.

The point is, a homeowner need not feel as if he or she is all alone out there in the window jungle – help is always available. For more information on doors, read our main doors page!