Jeld-Wen vs Andersen Windows

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Andersen Windows

High-quality and energy-efficient windows are a must for any homeowner, especially in a region with weather as varied as that in New England. Jeld-Wen and Andersen are two trusted and industry-leading window manufacturers. This article will compare the products of these two manufacturers, which are overall rather similar.

The two manufacturers offer many of the same types of windows, with similar limited warranties of 20 years for glass and 10 years on non-glass parts. Both companies offer windows in a variety of styles popular today, including double-hung and casement opening styles. Both manufacturers’ window lines include wooden, clad and vinyl frames. However, while Andersen also has a composite construction line of frames, Jeld-Wen does not. On the other hand, the latter offers an aluminum construction line of frames while Andersen does not.

Another difference between these two companies is that Andersen windows are available through a combination of independent home centers. The latter manufacturer’s windows are also available through independent home centers. Overall, the two manufacturers offer customers similar products for similar prices, with a few slight differences in type of frame and availability.

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Energy efficiency is another major factor for homeowners to consider when purchasing new windows. Both manufacturers are industry leaders when it comes to using the most advanced energy conservation technology in their windows. Low-E coating, which stands for low emissivity, is a microscopic coating of metal on the glass in windows. It acts to reflect heat back into a home in the colder months, and to block heat from entering the home in the summer months. Both manufacturers offer multiple low-E options for homeowners depending on region and climate. Andersen’s line includes what they call Low-E4, Low-E4 SmartSun and Low-E4 Sun glass. Similarly, Jeld-Wen’s three kinds of glass are Low-E, Low-E EC or Lo’-366 and all three kinds are Energy Star-qualified, which means they meet minimum energy efficiency requirements. Finally, the two manufacturers are also similar in that they both offer homeowners a wide variety of color options.

Overall, both companies are comparable in many areas. When deciding between the two, homeowners may find the best option to be a matter of personal preference rather than the window brand itself.

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