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The Benefits of Double Hung Windows  

Double hung or double-sash windows have two sashes that fit into a single frame, and they’re the most popular type of window in residential homes. They work by sliding up the bottom sash into the top sash to open and then sliding down the window sash to close. See if they’re the right choice for you.

Is Your Skylight in Need of Repair?

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

The Strength and Beauty of ProVia Doors

The Importance of Entry Doors


Pricing Guide for Outdoor Paint

QUALITY VS. QUANTITY – WHAT DO I REALLY NEED? There is nothing like a quality paint job on an exterior to add visual appeal, protection, and value to the home.  Painting a home’s exterior takes time and consideration, particularly when it comes to choosing outdoor paint.  It is not just the color that needs careful […]

All About Roof Flashing [Roofing 101]

WHAT EXACTLY IS ROOF FLASHING? Flashing is a continuous series of thin pieces of sheet metal or other waterproof material that is installed to keep water from getting into a building from a vulnerable angle or joint. HOW ROOF-FLASHING WORKS AND WHAT IT DOES It typically operates under the principle that, in order for water to […]