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Exterior Painting in Rhode Island: 3 Factors To Consider

    exterior of your home in Rhode Island there are several factors you should consider.  Whether    you plan on attempting the paint job yourself or hiring a Rhode Island painting contractor the    three factors described below will be helpful.   Factor #1:  Strict Rhode Island Lead Removal Laws:  Rhode Island is one of the strictest   […]

Roofers in R.I. – A Caution to Homeowners

 The economy in Rhode Island is bad in general but there probably isn’t any group that  has been  more impacted than Roofers in RI.  This is due to a number of factors but  specifically these three:  #1 Putting it off: Roofs generally only need to be replaced every 15-20  years. Therefore,  homeowners who have been directly effected by the economy, and […]

Fiber cement Siding vs. Cedar or Vinyl Siding

There is plenty of debate in the building and home improvement industries about the topic of Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl Siding and Cedar Siding which have been around for a lot longer. Thousands of homeowners have looked to United Home Experts to help them determine the answer to this question.  If the solution was so cut […]

Coastal Siding Contractors in Rhode Island Use Different Shingles

There is several shingle or shingle style products that Rhode Island siding companies can use near the coast.  Some have been used for decades, and some are newer and more modern siding products. Cedar shingles: Traditionally coastal homes in Rhode Island have white cedar shingles that are left to weather naturally.  Other times they are […]

Painting Contractors: New Obstacles They Face

Painting contractors face more challenges now then ever.  If you open the yellow pages from 5 or 10 years ago it’s inevitable that a majority of the painting contractors listed are out of business, have relocated, or changed their name.  These are some of the obstacles facing traditional painting contractors: New Products: Siding: More and more […]

Roof Replacement in MA: What’s Available for Traditional Homes?

Asphalt shingles are predominantly used for Massachusetts residential roofing. However,  Massachusetts has a higher concentration of slate shingles and cedar shingles than most regions of the U.S.  The reason is that there are far more traditional homes and a higher concentration of older homes than in other parts of the country.  As we learned in 5th […]

Vinyl Shingles and Shakes: What Do They Offer a Traditional Home?

For decades there was no good alternative for homeowners who wanted a low maintenance siding for the exterior of their home with the traditional look of shingles or shakes.  Many style houses such as Cape, Split-level and even some Ranches were build with cedar shingles or larger cedar shakes.  Homeowners often determine that it would […]

Simonton Windows in Massachusetts

United Home Experts is a local installer of Simonton Windows serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire.  Request a Free Window Quote Here Simonton Windows: Is one of the largest vinyl window company in the United States Have the AAMA Gold Label Certification Have been awarded JD Power and Associates highest mark in customer satisfaction […]

Exterior Painting in Massachusetts: Which is the Best Season?

Whether you are taking on the task yourself or hiring a local painter for the job, there are certain factors to consider when painting the exterior of a Massachusetts home. One of those factors is considering the best time of year to do the project. The two main variables in determining the best time to paint are […]

Exterior Painting in Boston: What are the major challenges?

As an Exterior Painting Company in Boston, MA we’ve done it all.  Boston and the surrounding towns have such an eclectic assortment of buildings that we have to be prepared to handle a variety of different tasks.  Here are some of the challenges we face on a regular basis. Lead Paint:  Any homes or buildings the predate […]